A new gold that is taking the lead in the fashion world

When it comes to the Olympics, it is all about the gold, but there is a new gold in town that is definitely taking first place.

Rose gold has been such a hit this summer and I am absolutely loving it not only in my accessories, but also in my beauty products as well as my wardrobe. I love this color for the summer because I feel like gold is such a harsh metal that can often come across as tacky, but rose gold is much softer and feminine and looks great with everything.

Here is a compilation of my favorite rose gold pieces:

From my nails to my toes, I love choosing rose gold as the winning color. I remember working at a jewelry counter last summer and seeing rose gold for the first time in the Roberto Ricci collection and I was really sceptical. I thought it looked cheap and it would never become popular, but I was very wrong and I love it now. I feel like everywhere I go I see rose gold and I think this metal is so feminine and flirty and fun and everything else that is girly.

I have the Orly nail polish in “Rage” and I have been wearing it all summer. All the girls are wearing the latest Michael Kors rose gold watch, but accessories can be expensive so try some metal on your nails as an accessory. It looks just as great.

Let me know what your favorite rose gold items are! I am always looking for new ideas 🙂

XO Alexa


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