Top 3: Holy Grail Foundations



Finding the perfect foundation can be a little tricky because there are so many options on the market. It can get overwhelming and it can be difficult to decipher between all of the claims from different companies. I think the key to finding that magical foundation that suits your skin is to actually understand your skin and what will work with it.

Foundations range from sheer to full coverage, dewy to matte finishes, liquid to powder, and everything in between. Throughout the years I have definitely tried my fair share of foundations and there are still so many that I have yet to try, but I have solidified my ride or die, holy grail foundations that work best for my skin.

Everyone is different and depending on the finish and overall appearance that you prefer, your foundation choices are going to vary. My goal is to bring attention to some of my favorite foundations that I continue to buy over and over again for myself and for my kit. You should take my information and compare it to what you are looking for and hopefully this may help you in finding your perfect foundation.

Just a note: This post has no affiliation with L’Oréal. I think L’Oréal does foundations extremely well and the formulations are equivalent to the standards of other high end and luxury makeup brands. There are high end foundations that I really like, but I feel in regards to price and quality, the following foundations are the best of the best and I prefer these over more expensive products.




My Skin and What I Prefer

I have combination skin, which means I get oily in certain areas (around the nose, center of forehead, and chin) and I am dryer in other areas (sides of forehead, cheekbones, and between eyebrows).

The overall look I strive for is a healthy, luminous, natural appearance. This means I tend to gravitate towards satin foundations that are more thin in consistency and have a sheer to medium coverage.

I want you to keep this information in mind as you read about the different foundations so you can pick and choose what works for you. If you are more dry or more oily, I will also give you some tips on how these foundations may be used to work with your skin.

#1. L’Oréal True Match Super Blendable Makeup + SPF 17


(This is my bronzer shade)

This is my go-to foundation that never lets me down and always looks good no matter the occasion (casual to dressed up) or the environment (cold to warm to humid, etc.).

The facts:

  1. Coverage: Light to Medium (very buildable)
  2. Consistency: Liquid (will run)
  3. Finish: Demi Matte (matte with a slight luminosity)
  4. Shade Range: 33 Shades (depends on the retailer)
  5. Size: 1 oz./ 30 mL
  6. Price: $7.00-$10.00 (depends on the retailer)

Why I Love:

  1. Versatile: This is a great foundation because it is so versatile. If you want a more dewy finish, you can apply a luminous primer underneath and wear alone without powder. If you want more of a matte finish, you can apply a mattifying primer underneath and set with a powder. This foundation can be applied more sheer by using a beauty sponge or more full coverage using a dense buffing brush.
  2. Shade Range: There is such a great shade range so everyone should be able to find a shade that works with their skin AND the foundations are further divided into different tones: cool, neutral, and warm.  If you are in between shades, you can mix the shades together and create your own personalized shade.
  3. Plays Well with Others: I think the consistency works great with other products, such as beauty oils, highlighters, primers, moisturizers, etc. If you are looking for a foundation that can be easily suited to your needs, this is definitely a great choice! I like to mix in a couple drops of my facial oil (Bio-Oil at the moment), which helps change the texture of the foundation so it is even easier to apply and gives my skin more hydration.
  4. How to Apply: This foundation works great with a beauty sponge, brush, or even your fingertips. When I am in a rush, I like to apply it with my hands because it sheers out the coverage, looks more natural because the heat from your fingers work the product into the skin (not just sitting on top of your skin), and takes much less time than using a sponge or a brush. (I also like to get this foundation 2 shades darker and use it as a liquid bronzer. It looks extremely natural on the skin and gives your face more dimension)
  5. Who This Works For: I think this is the most universal foundation. This will work for people who are wanting a matte finish (use a mattifying primer before and powder after) as well as those are wanting a more dewy finish (incorporate a beauty oil, highlighter, or luminous primer). Mature skin as well as younger skin can use this as well. Because can be used in so many different ways, it will work for a variety of different people.


#2. L’Oréal True Match Lumi Healthy Luminous Makeup + SPF 20


Just the name of this foundation makes me want it! This is a more dewy version of the original L’Oréal True Match foundation. This is a super healthy-looking foundation that has a more glowy element. When I wear this foundation, I can turn my head and see more “shine,” but not oil. This does not look greasy on the skin. It makes your skin look very hydrated and youthful.

The facts:

  1. Coverage: Light to Medium (buildable)
  2. Consistency: Liquid (will run)
  3. Finish: Satin
  4. Shade Range: 15 Shades
  5. Size: 1 oz./ 30 mL
  6. Price: $12.00-$13.00

Why I Love:

  1. Dimension: On days when I am feeling a little dull or I want a more luminous (I use this word a lot) glow, I will reach for this foundation. I would recommend this foundation for more mature skin, dryer skin types, or those looking for a more natural finish (naturally, your skin is not matte so this foundation is going to give you more dimension). This foundation truly gives you that “your-skin-but-better” feel and I love how it makes my face look extremely healthy.
  2. Shade Range: Like the original True Match, this foundation comes in 15 different shades with Cool, Neutral, and Warm undertones so it is easier to match to your skin.
  3. Plays Well With Others: This foundation works great with other products, such as primers, moisturizers, facial oils, and foundations. I love mixing this foundation with the L’Oréal Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer for that extra glow factor.
  4. How to Apply: This has a very similar consistency to the original L’Oréal True Match, so I would recommend a beauty sponge, or your fingertips. I prefer using a damp beauty sponge because it gives the most natural finish. The sponge is going to soak up any excess product as well as sheer out the coverage. If you want more coverage, I would recommend a dense buffing/blending brush.
  5. Who This Works For: If you have normal to dry skin or more mature skin, this foundation is going to be perfect for you. This isn’t going to cling to dry patches and on more mature skin, it is going to add more dimension and youthfulness. If you are more oily, you can still use this foundation, but I think you will find it a little too “dewy” (shiny) and if you use mattifying products, you are only taking away the best part of the foundation, which is the dewiness (luminosity, glow, hydration, etc.).


#3. L’Oréal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation


This is a more recent foundation that L’Oréal has launched, but it is no exception to the quality of the other True Match foundations. This is the foundation I reach for almost everyday because I know my skin is going to look great and it is super quick. This is a cushion foundation, which means it comes in a round compact and the product is soaked into a cushion (sponge). Cushion foundations have become a hot trend within the past few months. This type of foundation originated in Korea as an all-in-one product (moisturizer, primer, sunscreen, etc) much like a BB Cream and can be applied more efficiently using a small puff that attaches to your fingertips.

The facts:

  1. Coverage: Medium to full
  2. Consistency: Thin Cream
  3. Finish: Satin
  4. Shade Range: 12 Shades
  5. Size: .51 oz./ 14.6 g
  6. Price: $16.99

Why I Love:

  1. Fast Application: This is a super easy foundation to apply. It may take a little getting use to in the beginning because it is different, but I can get a full coverage application super quick PLUS I don’t have to use any other tools (the puff it comes with works great) and I don’t have to get my hands dirty.
  2. Coverage: This foundation has great coverage. It looks deceiving, but the cushion dispenses a lot of product and the foundation itself is a cream-like texture that can is medium, but buildable to full coverage.
  3. Dimension: A lot like the L’Oréal True Match Lumi (in the bottle), this foundation gives your skin a healthy luminosity, which adds more dimension to the face. The difference between the True Match Lumi and this foundation is the texture. The cushion is more like a cream, whereas the bottle form is a thin liquid.
  4. On-The-Go: I love that I can throw this compact in my bag and touch up throughout the day if needed. It is super easy to use and there is no mess if you do need to use it outside of your home.It comes with a great mirror and a puff that actually works really well with the product.
  5. How to Apply: I think the puff that comes with the product works really well and makes it quick and easy to apply. If you don’t like the puff, I would recommend a beauty sponge. I tried using a brush with this product and I feel like I couldn’t get enough product on the brush and the finish was not the same. BUT there are no rules with makeup so try different ways and see what works best for you!
  6. Who This Works For: This is great for normal to dry skin types, all ages, and people who want something quick and easy without sacrificing really good coverage. If you really like the L’Oréal True Match Lumi, but don’t have a lot of time to get ready in the morning, this is going to be a perfect fit. If you are more oily, I would recommend setting with a powder. This is going to take away the glow factor, but this may be a good foundation for you if you are looking for a lightweight foundation compact.


I really hope this was helpful. Again, this has no affiliation with L’Oréal. I think that L’Oréal makes not only the best drugstore foundations, but the best foundations among all companies. This is a French beauty company and I think the standards of the products reflect that of the innovations and quality of Paris, the epicenter of beauty and fashion.

Please leave a comment below with your thoughts and thank you so much for stopping by!

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