Weekly Pamper Routine: Nourishing the Body and Recharging the Mind

Life is Hectic


The dinner you slaved over is boiling and spilling over the stove, your baby is screaming in the background, your phone won’t be quiet, emails are rolling in faster than you can type, and you still haven’t peed since 2 hours ago when you last needed to. Life can get hectic and even the simplest of pleasures seem like distant memories.

Fear not! I am here to tell you to sit down and breathe, even just to read the remainder of this blog post. All phone calls, emails, and screaming children can wait. Well, maybe check to make sure your kids aren’t hanging from the curtains or using the silverware as weaponry.

Why This is Important

I think once a week it is essential to pamper yourself and take time to unwind. As a mom, I find it difficult to have “me” time throughout the week where I can truly step away from all of the daily noise and pamper my body from head to toe.

Treating yourself to skin, hair, and body treatments does not have to be expensive either. I want to share with you my all time favorite pamper treatments I do at least once a week to replenish my body (and mind).

Step 1: Set the Tone


Creating a relaxing environment is key to turning off the “work, mom, wife, busy, life” switch. I like to make sure my space is clean and there are no distractions (like a pile of laundry, dirty dishes, messy countertops, etc.). Here are some ways I like to set the tone:

  1. Light candles: Candles always create a calming ambiance. Whether it is the smell or the flickering of the flame or a combination, I like to turn off all of the lights and fill my space with candle glow. Choose scents that are calming like Lavender or Chamomile.
  2. Music: For me, spa music really sets the mood. I like to go on Spotify, Pandora, or Songza and choose a spa station. This instantly puts my mind at ease.
  3. Treats: I always like to grab a small snack whether it is some really good cheese or light crackers, grapes, blueberries, etc. I would recommend finger foods that involve the least amount of preparation and the least amount of clean up. I also like to sip on a glass of wine or a really good tea (chamomile and peppermint are great for the evening time just before bed).

Step 2: Prep

Before I start my spa routine I like to put on a big fluffy robe, thoroughly cleanse my face, and grab any treats I may want. You may want to take a shower as well depending on whether or not you choose to do a hair mask. I like to hold off on a shower because I will need to rinse out my hair mask later.

Step 3: Masks


These are the treatments that take the longest so I like to start these first. You can put them in and leave them for the duration of your spa night. Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Hair mask: This is super simple and will work wonders on dry summertime hair. I mix equal parts coconut oil, castor oil, and avocado oil in a bowl. I mix all three really well (coconut oil may need to be warmed up in the microwave if is too solid) and apply liberally from the middle to the ends of dry hair. I try and keep this off of my scalp because it tends my make it greasy. After applying, I twist my hair into a knot and leave it alone. I would recommend applying a shower cap to trap in heat.
  2. Face mask: Depending on what your skin needs will determine what type of mask you will want to use. Make sure your skin has been cleansed before applying a mask to reap the most benefits. I love using deep pore cleansing masks to get rid of any dirt or clogged pores (gross, right?). My favorite mask is no surprise: the Aztec Indian Healing Clay mask. I have talked about this quite a bit on my blog and for a good reason. I mix this mask (it comes in a powder form) with apple cider vinegar and lemon juice and apply to the areas needed. Click here to read more in-depth about this mask!

Step 4: Relax


The most important part of a pamper routine is to relax. Now that most of the work is done, run a warm bath or sit in a cozy chair and RELAX. I love to listen to an audio book during this time because this is the ONLY time I am able to do this. Other options are reading a magazine, painting your nails, reading a book, or listening to music or an encouraging podcast. I think taking a bath is the best way to unwind because you are forced to stay in one place. You can also add bath salts, bath bombs, or bath sachets to help relieve muscle tension and moisturize your skin.

Step 5: Cleanse

If you decided to do hair mask, it’s now time to rinse. I like to hop in the shower after my bath to do the heavy duty cleansing. This is the time where I will rinse out my hair mask and face mask, shampoo/condition my hair, use a body scrub, shave, and just enjoy taking a shower without a baby crying in the background (which is 99% of the time). If you choose not to take a shower, this is the time where you can rinse off your face mask.

Step 6: Replenish/Extra Treatments


After doing a face mask, especially a pore cleansing one, I like to restore vitamins and moisture back to my skin. This is the time where I will apply serums, facial oils, moisturizer, and eye cream. Click here for my daily in-depth skin care routine! Some extra treatments I like to do aside from my regular skincare routine are:

  1. Sheet mask: Sheet masks are a fun way to restore vitamins to your skin and add hydration. These masks are “paper” masks that have been saturated in a blend of ingredients like Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Aloe, hyaluronic acid, etc. Every mask is different depending on its function (hydrating, firming, brightening). After doing a pore cleansing mask, I like to apply a sheet mask so my skin can be replenished with supercharged ingredients. I typically leave this on for 15-20 minutes.
  2. Overnight mask: These masks are great if your skin is feeling extra dry, dull, or just needing some additional TLC. This type of mask should be applied as the LAST step of your skincare routine right before you go to bed. These are typically a gel consistency or a very thick cream consistency. These are great because all you have to do is sleep and the mask does all the work.
  3. Eye masks: Eye masks are great if you are dealing with dark circles, dryness, or dullness under the eyes. These are specifically designed to fit under the eye and I would recommend sticking these in the fridge before using to reduce puffiness under the eyes.
  4. Spot treatments: If I have any blemishes, I like to tackle those ASAP. My favorite spot treatment is tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is an antimicrobial, which means it kills bacteria. I dampen a cotton swab with water, add a few drops of tea tree oil on top, and then apply to specific areas. Tea tree oil must be diluted with water before using.

Step 7: Body Treatments

sunbuddy-lotion-applicator-skin-care-do                  getsunbuddy.com

Not only should you pamper your face, but also your entire body. As soon as I get out of the shower (while my pores are open) I like to apply coconut oil all over my arms, legs, chest, etc. and then wrap myself in a big robe to lock in the moisture. If you have a favorite body cream, you can do the same with that as well. Putting a robe on is going to allow the oil to fully absorb into the skin so that you aren’t greasy.

Now Do It!

I hope this encouraged you to take at least a little bit of time each week to pamper yourself and restore nourishment to your face, hair, and body. You deserve it! Pampering is not only good for the body, but it also allows you to mentally unwind and recharge. Like I said before, this does not have to be complicated or expensive. All of these things can be done in your home and with very few products. All you need is the will power to say, “Please don’t bother me right now. I will get to it later.”

Please comment below if you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions.

Happy Pampering!






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