1 dress…3 looks

Hey everyone! I loved doing my post the other day (1 legging…3 looks) so I thought I would create another set of looks using ONE dress. Like I said in that post, fall is all about layering and you don’t have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe for the fall and winter seasons. All you need are some basics, a few staple pieces, and lots of accessories to play with!


For this outfit, I wanted to go very chic and crisp and it reminds me a lot of what Blair Waldorf would wear :)  I chose a simple grey dress, which I think most women have some kind of similar item. I also added a white belt to cinch in the waist for more structure and form. I chose a pair of wool tube socks and a pair of Tori Burch riding boots. I am loving the equestrian trend this season and I also love when socks stick out of the tops of boots for a more cozy feel. I went with a crisp, white, faux fur jacket that looks incredible posh and dainty accessories. I love the fall theme that the necklace brings with the leaves as well as the ribbon around the neck. I wanted a little bit of color so I chose a crossbody, burgandy, gold chain purse that I think would look amazing against the neutral colors and really draw attention. I also went with a very simple head wrap that won’t mess up the hair and will also keep you warm.


I love this outfit because this is a casual and cozy way to wear a dress in the colder months. This is definitely my favorite. I chose a basic grey dress that I think everyone should have something similar to in their closet. I then added some wine colored tights to make the dress more wearable as well as a fall-colored scarf to keep your neck warm. I also went with a comfy, yet stylish pair of boots. Uggs aren’t the only boots this winter season! I also chose a light-wash denim jacket for a more casual feel and topped it all off with a mustard yellow slouchy beanie. I also went with a nude/tan handbag and very minimal makeup.


HOLY MOLY!! This is an awesome outfit!!! I chose some black leggings for a more dark, intense look as well as for practical reasons. I also went with a very form-fitting jacket that will give more shape. I love these heeled boots with all of the buckles and they aren’t too crazy because they are up against the black tights. I added a light-wash grey scarf and slouchy black beanie because I think these give a grungy vibe to the look. For a pop, I added a cheetah print and leather hand bag with gold hardware. I think a bold red lip would look absolutely amazing with this outfit and really brighten up the face because of all of the dark colors in the outfit.

I really hope you enjoyed these three outfits! Like I said, it’s about taking basic pieces (dress, tights, leggings, tube socks, scarves, beanies) and adding statement pieces (necklaces, belts, jackets, bags) to make it a whole new outfit. Layering is also a great way to utilize what you have and create so many different outfits using stuff you already have.

XO Alexa

1 legging…3 looks

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Today I want to share with you something that I love doing in the fall time and that is layering. I like to take simple pieces and layer them and mix them around to create different looks without buying a whole new wardrobe for the changing season.

Today I am centering THREE outfits around ONE pair of leather leggings. I have created three looks that I think will satisfy every style “type” whether it’s girly, edgy. or casual/sporty. You can always tweak these outfit combinations to best fit your style and make it your own. Enjoy!


Leather pants can be a little harsh on the eyes so I really wanted to make sure that the rest of the outfit was soft and extremely feminine. I went with a big slouchy pink sweater which I think looks amazing against the tight leggings. Since the sweater is so bulky, I wanted all of the accessories to be very dainy so I chose very light gold pieces that I thought would add that “pretty girl” effect without being too overwhelming. I chose a pair of nude heels because I think the leggings are already so loud. I chose a leopard print handbag because I think it is super girly when a bag is held at the elbow and I love the little pop of animal print to add a little bit of “wild” to the outfit. Just because you’re girly doesn’t mean you can’t be a little feisty. I went with a pinky nude lip and a shimmery blush as well as falsh eyelashes. Nothing says girly like a nice pair of voluminous doll-like lashes. I think for this look a ballerina bun is perfect because it keeps the hair out of the way of the rest of the outfit as well as softens the look even more for an innocent look.


I am loving the denim shirt trend this season so I had to incorporate it into this look. This is such a comfy, everyday kind of look, but it also looks very put together. I choise a light-washed denim button up with rolled up sleeves to soften up the leggings and add a more relaxed feel and I also added a light brown belt to cinch the waist for a more fitted look (optional). I also chose a pair of leopard loafers because loafers are so big right now and I love the touch of animal print they bring. They also look very comfortable and casual. I chose a tan infinity scarf to add some “fall-ness” to the outfit and a sporty leather watch and small bracelets to add some color as well as girliness. I went with a distressed leather crossbody bag for a more casual, throw-over-your-shoulder look. I chose a deep red lip stain that would add a lot of color to the lips, but not be too bold. A couple coats of mascara and a messy ponytail and this look is complete!


This, of course, is my favorite look. I love really vamping up a pair of leather leggings so I chose a simple, white, chiffon button up and a pair of studded biker boots. The shirt shouldn’t be too dramatic because it will make the outfit look way too overbearing. I love the studded detail on the boots and I think they put a more fashionable spin on an otherwise boring pair of biker boots. I went with a simple, triple belted leather cuff and a black and gold watch as well as a spiked black and gold necklace. Since this outfit is very two-toned I wanted to add drama with the makeup so I chose a bright apple-red lip stick by YSL and bright red nails. And of course, LOTS of mascara. I went with a nude bag to tone down the rocker vibe of the look and I think a tousled bun would look perfect for this look. I also think some beachy, loose waves would look great as well. If you do the bun, I think a fun and super edgy studded headband would look amazing!

I hope you enjoyed these three looks. Again, tweak each outfit to fit YOUR style. This is in no way me telling you how to dress. This is merely inspiration for you take and run with!

3 Fall Fashion Outfits!

I absolutely love fall fashion. I love all of the layering and boots and tights and colors! I am going to show you 3 of my favorite outfit combinations that I love for this time of year. Depending on your style, tweak it as much as you like to fit your personality the best! Leather, cheetah, and combat boots

This is definitely my favorite! I love the leggings and animal print and combat boots, 3 trends that are so much fun to play with this fall season. I chose a very fitted pair of leather leggings and a toned down taupe high-low sweater so it didn’t compete with the pants and prints. I picked a cheetah scarf to add some femininity to the outfit as well as a leather/cheetah bag to tie it all together. I chose an amzing pair of studded combat boots for a little extra flare. I think a bold, burgundy lip would look amazing with this outfit as well as super voluminous lashes. To top it off, I think a top know would look amazing because you don’t want your hair getting in the way of everything else that is going on.

Denim and cargo

Denim shirts are making a comeback and I am so excited for this trend! I love how relaxed it looks, but you can definitely amp it up and make it more dressed up and polished. I took a very relaxed light wash denim shirt and paired it with a pair of skin-tight cargo pants, which are also a big trend this season as well. I love the “safari” look of this combination, but I still wanted it to look feminine so I added a lot of accessories and a leather hand bag. I chose a pair of neutral, taupe boots that fit in with the comfy vibe, but are also super cute. For makeup, I suggest a nude lip, matte browns and neutrals on the lid, and wine stained nails. I also think this look will look so great with relaxed hair that has a “I didn’t do my hair this morning” vibe.

Fur and leather

This is definitely a more glamorous look, but the combat boots definitely make it school, work, “hanging out” friendly. I love this taupe leather dress and I think paired with these fishtail tights it looks stunning. The lightness of the tights balances out the heaviness of the leather dress. I added a pair of taller combat boots, but you can always substitute these with a pair of booties with a heel for a night-out look. I really wanted to incorporate “glam” into the look so I went with a fur vest that makes this outfit scream New York City chic. I added a few accessories for extra glam and a leather black hand bag. For makeup, I would keep it simple because of everything else going on so try a natural, rosy blush for that winter chill flush and a nude lip. I think the hair should be more feminine so try an intricate bun or more formal hair style, then take a pick or the end of your comb and pull at it for a more tousled look.

I really hope you enjoyed these looks and let me know what you think of them in the comments!

XO Alexa

style INSPIRED: Rihanna

I am so in love with this outfit that Rihanna wore and it reminds me so much of Halle Berry. I love how tough this outfit looks with the plain white tank and army green skirt, but it is still incredibly feminine with the cropped detail of the tank, big sunglasses, and amazing boots!

This outfit is so military-chic if that even makes sense. I love the neutral tones and the tough look of the white “wife beater,” but it doesn’t look masculine at all,

Here is my inspired re-creation:

I really wanted to center the oufit around the army green skirt so I chose a little bit of a longer skirt with a more loose cropped white tank. Under the tank, I chose thsi really neat bralette that I know would show through and give it that extra edge. I chose a pair of brown suede combat-type boots with a heel and a leopard print hand bag because I wanted this look to still be girly. For accessories, I chose a lot of different length necklaces to dress up the plain tank and added a studded cuff for a more tough vibe. I think a big ballerina bun is perfect for this outfit because it keeps the hair out of the face as well as juxtapose the overall tough theme of the outfit. Rihanna didn’t seem to wearing a lot of makeup from what I could see (lips, cheeks) so I went with a nude/pink Givenchy lipstick just to add some soft color to the lips.

I hope you enjoyed this look and let me know if there are any outfits you would like for me to re-create!

XO Alexa

style INSPIRED: Jennifer Lawrence

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying Labor Day weekend! My husband had a working weekend because his squadron is on a boat det (detachment) so I’m a little bummed about that, but I have a great style inspiration that I want to share with you!

I absolutely love Jennifer Lawrence and not because of her starring role in Hunger Games. I think she is hilarious, super smart, and I love how confident she is. I also love that she has a “woman’s” figure, which is great because I like to see how she dresses to compliment her shape.

Here is my inspired look:

I definitely wanted to center the outfit around her flared, high-waisted trouser jeans. I think these look amazing on her. I kept true to the stripes, but I wanted to add a little more shape because she is wearing a blazer so I added a small leather belt at the waist. I picked some nude wedge booties because this is a quite casual look so I wanted something that would give length to the trouserss, but also be comfortable. I chose some gold hoops (it looks like she might be wearing some) and simple gold bangles for the accessories. I also added a nude/tan bag and a pair of retro shades. I love this look because it is so chic and polished, yet it is super laid back and comfy for a nice Sunday afternoon.

XO Alexa

style INSPIRED: Miranda Kerr

Hello everyone and happy Friday!

I love what Miranda is wearing here, especially the leather cropped pants. I cannot wait for the fall and winter months just so I can wear some leather pants as well.

Here is my re-creation:

I kept with the black and gold theme and left the outfit very sleek, polished, and sexy. I chose a more detailed pair of leather pants that are not cropped and a white button up blouse without a collar for a more sexy look. I went with a pair of sleek black pumps and a Valentino bag adorned with studs to edge up the outfit, but also staying true to the gold accents of this outfit. I also chose very nude makeup: Tom Ford lipstick in “Nude Vanilla” and a peachy Lancome blush for a natural flush. Of course, I had to go with a pair of cat eye shades and to add just a little more glamour, I added some gold bangles and Chanel studs. This is an extremely simple look, but at the same time, very powerful. I think this would be so great for in the office as well as out on the town.

XO Alexa

OOTD: Work attire 🙂

With the fall upon us, new jobs, careers, interneships, etc. are starting so I wanted to show you a simple, polished, chic, and AFFORDABLE way to dress to impress in whatever work environment. I hope this is helpful :)

Check out these videos as well!

*Haul with clothing items:

*10 work bag essentials:

XO Alexa

*How to dress for a fall wedding*

Fall is soon to be here and I already have plans to attend a few weddings, but that can be tough. Do you wear a jacket, pants, long dress, short dress? What about colors? Can you still wear bright colors? I am going to help you pick out the perfect outfit for any fall wedding and you won’t even need to go shopping!

Depending on the weather and where the wedding will be located will determine exactly what you wear. Here I am going to give you some inspiration that you can take from and tweak it to make it your own :)

If you want to go more neutral:

It’s okay to go a little more edgy when you are wearing very earthy, neutral tones. The colors themselves are not going to be attracting a lot of attention so if you feel comfortablem go with a strapless maxi, some tight leather, or a short dress! These are going to be more of your basic outfits where you take basic dresses, pants, tops, etc. and layer them accordingly to make the perfect outfit fit the occasion. Take a neutral dress (could be for the office or just a dress you have around) and snazz it up with a burgandy scarf or a big chunky moss green and gold necklace. This is going to amp up the outfit without really doing anything. Take a pair of khaki trousers and add a leopard belt and a button up sheer blouse. Instant makeover! Maxi dresses speak for themselves. All you need for these beauties are some heels and light accent accessories.

If you want to go for more color:

One of my favorite things about fall is the richness of the colors so don’t be afraid to wear deep hues. This is the perfect time to do so. I love all of the burgandy’s and deep moss greens and those would make for such beautiful wedding photos. The point for this look is you want to play into the season and really make your outfit a statement piece that is going to represent the fall. Take a printed dress that you never would have imagined wearing to a wedding and tone it down with a neutral shawl/scarf. Take a bold pair of trouser pants you got for Christmas 2 years ago that you would never be caught dead in and add a simple white button up blouse and some gold bangles and nude heels. The options are out there and you just have to look for those perfect pieces to bring together for a wonderful fall outfit.

I hope this was helpful and if you have any questions, please comment below :)

XO Alexa

Fav of the Day! 8/20/12

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a great start to the week :)

So, let’s talk geometry. Triangles, squares, rectangles, octagons, pentagons. What are the angles of a right triangle again?

Just kidding! I haven’t been around geometry since my sophomore year of high school, but now geometry is everywhere I go!

My favorite today is…

Geometric jewelry! Straight edges, harsh lines, and shapes are so in right now and I am loving these new cutting edge statement pieces! I think with the right outfit and complimentary accessories, these bold pieces look amazing and can really amp up a softer look.

I love all of the shapes, but triangles are definitely my favorite. I recently purchased a black and gold triangle necklace from Charming Charlie and it is so fun and fierce and super edgy.

Here is the link to the video showing my necklace:

I think these pieces are so fun to play around with. I would pair a really harsh geo necklace with a light pink peplum top or a jagged bangle with a white sweater. The contradictory pieces will look amazing and still feel feminine with a little bit of spice!

Here are some more of my favorites:

XO Alexa

Fav of the Day! 8/17/12

Happy Friday! I am so glad the weekend is here, especially since it is tax-free weekend so I am ordering all of you to go out and get your shop on! :)  Tomorrow is my 1 year anniversary with my husband so we are definitely going to spend the daytime out and about shopping.

My favorite today is a trend that I have been wearing all summer:

Sheer tops! This is nothing new I guess, but I have been seeing them everywhere and I love how versatile they are. You can make them look super polished for the office or super casual and laid back around the house or outdoors. I am looking forward to finding some this weekend at some of my favorite stores: H&M, Cotton On, Forever 21, etc.

I absolutely love this bright pink not only because of the color and sweet buttons, but because of the double collar. The shirt is super relaxed and loungy, but the collar makes it so sophisticated and girly.

I think these are going to transition beautifully into the fall months with browns and reds and purples and greens.

Some more blouses I’m loving:

So, when you are picking out your outfit Monday morning for work, vamp up your outfit with a lacy cami and a sheer blouse. Want to make it a little bit more professional? Add a short, fitted blazer that you can take off after work when you go meet your girls for drinks.

I hope you liked this favorite today and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Let me know in the comments below if you would like me to do a haul video on all of the things I purchase this weekend!

XO Alexa

style INSPIRED: Gwen Stefani

I am loving this look by Gwen Stefani, mainly her bright pink pants and messy top knot:

Here is how I re-created this look:

The staple piece of this outfit is definitely the bright pink pants so I chose the brightest I could find. I went with a nice blouse on top with a metal collar to dress it up a bit. I chose some studded Jeffrey Campbell heels because these are so Gwen and a white YSL bag. She is wearing red lips and red nails so I included a MAC lipstick from their new “Hey sailor!” collection and a red polish. I also played up the accessories like Gwen always does so I added a bold gold cuff, black studs, and a chunky ring. To top it all off I added a distressed top knot.

I hope you liked my take on Gwen’s look and leave a comment below if you have an requests ;)

XO Alexa

OOTD: Casual color monday 🙂

Hello again! I am in such a “posting” mood today ;)   This is what I wore today outside of work and it was so much to wear a bunch of color both in my outfit as well as on my lips. I am so sad to see summer go because I love all of the colors that have been so popular this season so I am trying to wear all of my colors as long as I can before the fall season starts :)

*If you missed it, here is my previous video I posted today about beauty bargains:

XO Alexa

4 back-to-school outfit ideas 🙂

A lot of you may be going back to school in the next few weeks, whether it’s college, high school, or even middle school. I am going to share with you some of my outfit ideas that are going to make a good impression with your professors/teachers and have all the students talking about you, in a good way :)

Depending on your style, you can pick and choose what you like and don’t like. I am going to show you 4 looks that may be different in style, but they are all going to get the same point across: you have style!


I went with a very clean, on-trend look with pastels and a blazer and of course a sweet pair of oxfords. This preppy girl is on time and on schedule and on top of it! In her backpack she keeps all of her school supplies like binders, notebooks, agenda for her student council meetings, but she also has an extra purse for her phone and lip gloss. She wears a simple, dainty watch so she always knows what time it is and she wraps up her entire outfit in a thin, leather belt for the most sophisticated look. This is your Spencer Hastings kind of gal ;)


She may not be MVP, but she is definitely an athlete at heart, but that doesn’t mean she can’t dress up the jeans and sneaks a little bit. I added a more edgy hoodie and a nice scarf to make the look more feminine. Not only does she have her backpack, but she also has her gym bag for after school practice. She is a little more quirky with her mustache watch and cell phone case, but all in all, she is down to earth and always down to play. This is your Emily Fields kind of gal :)


This is the ultimate girly girl. She loves her pink and she’s not afraid to flaunt it. I chose a simple yellow dress for the summer with a belt at the waist to give her some shape. She wears simple, nude flats and a light blazer just in case. This girl doesn’t wear a backpack. She wears her Gucci tote to school everyday complete with all of her beauty necessities so she can touch up in between classes. This is your Hanna Marin kind of gal :)


This is by far my favorite! This is my new take on an Audrina Patridge rocker chic girl. She’s not afraid to show off her legs in a pair of pleather leggings. She wears studded biker boots and a studded backpack, all in black of course. She has a Diesel cuff and skull ring and a little pop of red color in her chunky statement necklace. She wears a bright pink lip by MAC to show off her big lips and wears her hair down for a more easy going look that can fit into a helmet, if needed.

So these are just a few of my ideas and you can absolutely tweak and change and swap to match your own style. The way dress says a lot about you so dress the way you want to! This is your time to express yourself and let the world (or school) know who you are :)

XO Alexa

OOTD: Casual Friday at work!

Here is my outfit of the day that I wore to work. Yay for casual friday!

Jean may be casual, but you can always dress them up with a nice blouse, great accessories and bold makeup :)

Check out my video!! (be sure to watch it in HD) and excuse my awful nails :(

XO Alexa

Fav of the Day! 8/8/12

Happy Thursday everyone! The weekend is right at our fingertips so don’t give up now. So finish the work week strong and enjoy this simple favorite of the day :)

Jumpers! I know this is nothing new, but the reason I am loving them so much right now is how versatile they are, which means they are going to transition beautifully into the fall. Adding the right accessories and makeup are going to determine the look for your jumper outfit. I love how this outfit is styled: sock bun, cat eye shades, belted waste, and bright red pumps. This is so chic and very polished. Who knew jumpers could be so sophisticated?!

I love the way Kim is wearing her jumper. It is very simple, but she glams it up with a chunky statement necklace. I’m not in love with her YSL shoes, but they definitely edge up her oufit.

I think this jumper on Aurdrina looks absolutely stunning and this is definitely a sexier alternative. She gives shape to the trouser jumper with a chunky belt at the waste, but is low slung, giving it a more casual look.

I picked jumpers that are darker and richer colors because I think these are a good way to finish out the summer and transition into the fall.

Here is how I would style my jumper:

This is definitely a dressier and edgier version, but I think the simple jumper allows for more freedom with accessories and makeup. I chose a simple, black jumper that is cinched at the waist to give it more shape. I went with bold statement earrings and a chunky necklace, but the necklace is very dark so it doesn’t overwhelm the outfit. I chose a really chunky bracelet/watch and nude heals to really lengthen the jumper. I wanted to play up the makeup so I chose super bold eyelashes (to go with the geometric theme of the earrings) and a bright cream Kevin Aucoin blush to match the pink crossbody bag. For hair, I think out of the face and simple is better. I chose a ballerina bun with a Audrey Hepburn vibe to make the outfit more polished and lady like.

I hope you enjoyed this favorite and I got tagged by Samantha Schuerman on Youtube to do the $20 makeup challenge so I will be posting a video of that soon!

XO Alexa

Fav of the Day! 8/7/12

I have been seeing this super sweet trend all over the place and I wasn’t quite sure about it at first, but now I think it is so cute!

Peter pan collars! I think these are so fun and feminine and super polished. I love this trend because these collars are so elegant, yet they have a little bit of a masculine feel to them. I saw a Peter Pan play when I was younger and Peter Pan was played by a woman and she was so cute with her pixie cut and fairy-like costume. That is what these collars remind me of. I love playing with pieces that are contradictory (chunky masculine watches with a girly dress, boyfriend jeans with a flirty top).

I love this collared shirt paired with a very fun, light, dainty pleated skirt. This looks extremely polished, yet playful.

I think this collar is going to transition very well into the fall with pants and blazers. I think if you are going to wear a peter pan collared shirt with pants or a blazer, I would really play up the hair and makeup. Go with some bright pink lips or a ballerina bun to soften the look.

I hope you enjoyed and I will talk to you later!

XO Alexa

Fav of the Day! 8/3/12

Happy Friday! I am so glad the weekend is finally here :)  Here is my favorite for today:

Colored denim! In the September issue of Women’s Health magazine, it was all about the colored denim and I think these are such great transition pieces from the summer into the fall. Summer brought a ton of mint and coral and yellow denim, but I think for the fall, purples and reds and oranges are going to take the stage.

And I am not just talking about colored denim jeans. I am talking about denim jackets, vests, shirts

I have never really been into denim, except for jeans, but I am loving this new trend and these are definitely not just summer pieces, so I would stock up on some colored denim to close out the summer and get ready for the fall.

Here is how I would style my colored denim:

I love this 80′s vibe with the high waisted denim shorts and combat boots. I think this is such a fun way to wear colored denim this summer. To transition this to the fall, here is how I would style this outfit:

I didn’t change much except for the lip color and top. This is definitely a more fall-appropriate top and I added a light scarf just in case of a chilly day.

I hope you enjoyed my favorite today and have a great weekend!

XO Alexa

Fav of the Day! 8/1/12

It is officially August, which means back to school for some, end of summer vacation for others, and another hectic month for the majority of us ;)  Well, I have a great favorite today it is perfect for this month as the summer winds down and fall approaches.

Head scarves! I think these are such a fun way to keep you hair out of your face without resorting to a ponytail or a bun. I absolutely love how versatile they are and you can wear them no matter what hair style, cut, color, etc. you have.

My favorite is the bun wrapped head scarf. This is so simple and easy and it looks so amazing. It reminds me of Lucy Ricardo, which may be the reason why I love it so much :)

I also love the colorfulness of the scarves. You can add the perfect pop of color with a bright pink one or a floral print. I think these are perfect for days when you just don’t want to do your hair, but you want it to look you did.

*To get the look above, take a square shaped scarf and fold into a triangle. Fold 1 inch folds from the base of the triangle to the tip until you have a long piece of fabric. Wrap the scarf at the base of your head (back of your neck) upwards to the top of your head and switch the ends of the scarves so that they are going back under your head on the opposite side. Tie at the back of your neck and tuck in any extra fabric.

For a more polished look at the office, choose a thinner “scarf” (piece of fabric) with some silver or pearls and wrap it around a ballerina bun or around your head with a ponytail. This is going to turn your plain jane bun or ponytail into a glamorous up-do.

I hope you enjoyed this favorite and I am going shopping with my sister today so I will have a HAUL up soon!

XO Alexa

*How to dress for a summer wedding*

Finding the perfect outfit for a wedding can be tough: What colors should I wear? What colors am I allowed to wear? How formal should I dress? Can I wear pants?

These are all pretty tough questions to answer, especially on such an emotional day for your friend/relative/etc.

I have some tips on how to dress that are sure to be appropriate for the special day!

Summer is about color so I would definitely stay away from black and grey. Now, color doesn’t mean neon pinks and bright tangerine. I would go with soft shades like pastels: mint green, coral pink, baby blue, etc. These are going to compliment the bride’s colors as well as look great in the sunlight of an outdoor wedding, under the dim lights of a church, and the disco ball at the reception.

It is also okay to go shorter for a summer wedding. That doesn’t mean mini skirt, but fingertip length is definitely appropriate. I think anywhere between fingertip and tea length is the way to go.

Here are some of my dress ideas for solid shades:

Prints have been such a hit this summer so I would definitely try print if you’re up for it. Here are some of my suggestions:

Print doesn’t have to be wild and bold. I love these dresses because they are soft and delicate and very feminine, which I think is great for a wedding. A lot of weddings during the summer are outdoors so these prints are going to look exceptional against the backdrop of a gorgous day outside.

Prefer not to wear a dress? Here are some ideas for pants that won’t look like you just came from a business meeting:

Any of these pants would go great with a white blouse. I love the peplum top and I think it is super girly and sophisticated, yet it has that easy-breezy summer look that you can feel comfortable in.

To sum it up, my rule of thumb for any wedding outfit is if you wouldn’t wear it in front of your grandmother, then don’t wear it. The impression you are trying to make is respectful and classy. Unless this is a themed wedding where everyone is supposed to dress up as a pixar character, you want to look polished. This is a special day and you are not only there to support and share a great memory, but you are also an aesthetic (sounds weird, right?) so do your best to enhance the scenery!

*I will do a post like this one for all of the seasons so you know exactly what to wear all year ’round!

XO Alexa

A new gold that is taking the lead in the fashion world

When it comes to the Olympics, it is all about the gold, but there is a new gold in town that is definitely taking first place.

Rose gold has been such a hit this summer and I am absolutely loving it not only in my accessories, but also in my beauty products as well as my wardrobe. I love this color for the summer because I feel like gold is such a harsh metal that can often come across as tacky, but rose gold is much softer and feminine and looks great with everything.

Here is a compilation of my favorite rose gold pieces:

From my nails to my toes, I love choosing rose gold as the winning color. I remember working at a jewelry counter last summer and seeing rose gold for the first time in the Roberto Ricci collection and I was really sceptical. I thought it looked cheap and it would never become popular, but I was very wrong and I love it now. I feel like everywhere I go I see rose gold and I think this metal is so feminine and flirty and fun and everything else that is girly.

I have the Orly nail polish in “Rage” and I have been wearing it all summer. All the girls are wearing the latest Michael Kors rose gold watch, but accessories can be expensive so try some metal on your nails as an accessory. It looks just as great.

Let me know what your favorite rose gold items are! I am always looking for new ideas :)

XO Alexa

Fav of the Day! 7/30/12

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend and are up and ready for this week. I know I am! I have some great stuff coming this week (July favorites, Haul with my sister, and a how-to) so stay tuned!

Today’s favorite is something that I have been seeing a lot lately and I think they are so fun and a little risky…

Bralets! Now don’t let the “bra” part throw you off. These are anything, but undergarments. I think these are such a fun way to play with colors and prints as well as show a little skin.

I absolute love these with maxi skirts (left and right photos). I think the coverage of a maxi skirt juxtaposes the “barely there” bralet.

I also love the colors and prints!

Since there isn’t a lot of material, I love that you can really make them pop and make them the statement piece of your outfit.

When wearing these, I think it is important to not overdo it. These are quite risque pieces and I think the rest of your outfit should compliment, not compete. Try pairing them with a solid pleated skirt or a pair of solid, loose-fitting pants so that the bralet is enhanced instead of overshadowed. You don’t want your outfit to look like a jumbled mess.

My absolute favorite bralet I have seen to date is this one with studded detail.

I love the edginess of this and how “Gaga” it is. I think this is such a cool way edge up a baby pink pair of pants or a super girly skirt.

Here is how I would style it…

I toned down the metal and darkness of of the bralet with a bright, yet light maxi skirt and some nude heels. I also added a Chanel crossbody bag (a big bulky bag would only take away from the outfit) and gold bangles and earrings. I feel like I went with an “egyptian goddess” theme here ;)  I also went with a nude lip and cheeks, but a very heavy smokey eye. “Top” this off with a top knot and this is an outfit that will steal the show.

I hope you all liked this and like I said before, I have some great stuff coming up soon so keep reading and I will talk to you later!

XO Alexa

style INSPIRED: Jessica Alba

Like I have mentioned so many times before, I love prints this summer, especially printed pants. As soon as I saw this photo of Jessica Alba, I knew I had to re-create this look.

Here is my take:

I definitely glammed up this look and added a more sophisticated, yet edgy vibe to it. I think this look would be more appropriate for a business look or a work dinner or even a meeting outside of the office. I stayed true to print because this was obviously the inspiration for the look. I went with a very feminine, yet edgy floral printed pant with a lighter shade of pink on top because I think the loudness of the pants needs to be the main attraction. I picked a nude pair of pumps with a nude Rebecca Minkoff crossbody clutch. With printed pants, it’s really important to accentuate the length of the legs. I went with a leather jacket instead of a sweater because I think the jacket adds to the edginess of this look and makes it more sophisticated at the same time. I kept true to the 80′s Ray Bans, but I chose a softer nude color so it wasn’t so harsh on the face. I also went with a nude/pink Tarte lip stain, Bobbi Brown matte bronzer, and black caviar nails to really edge it up.

I hope you liked my re-creation and let me know if there are any suggestions for the next inspired look :)

XO Alexa

style INSPIRED: Camilla Belle

I hope everyone is having a relaxing and wonderful Sunday.

I absolutely love Camilla Belle. I think she is gorgeous both on and off the red carpet. She always looks stunning and I love her style.

I love the simplicity of the outfit, yet she still looks very put together and stylish. The bold print with the simple shirt go so well together and I love the chunky gold necklace because it adds more glam to the outfit without being overwhelming.

Here is my take on this outfit:

I really played up the colors with this outfit, but I used pastels so it isn’t too overbearing. I definitely wanted to keep loose-fitted floral printed shorts the star of the show. I went with a plain solid tank and a pair of mint colored shoes, which I thought were more summery and on-trend than a plain black pair of flats. I kept the gold jewelry (bangles, earrings, necklace), but I shortened the necklace because I think the chunkiness should be closer to the neck and further away from the loudness of the shorts. I went with a light denim vest to make the outfit more versatile, as well as causal. I went with a big, glam pair of sunglasses, but I thought the black (again) was too harsh and didn’t go with the outfit so I chose a softer pair of shades. I chose a neutral bag just like Camilla’s with rose gold hardware, which is so trendy right now. I went with a Tarte lip stain that is super moisturizing so the lips will look fresh and hydrated in the summer heat. I also went with a dark (L’Oreal voluminous in carbon black) mascara because I think strong eyelashes with this look make it so much more flirty and girly. I also chose a NARS highlight, which I think would be so pretty with this outfit because she is out in the sun, maybe grabbing some lunch with friends and the highlight on her face is going to attract light to certain areas, which is going to make her stand out in the summer sun.

I hope you enjoyed this inspired outfit and let me know if there are any you would like me to do!

XO Alexa

Fav of the Day! 7/19/12

Hello everyone! The end of the week is almost here and to kick it off early, I want to share with you a favorite of mine for the weekend:

Maxi skirts! I have always loved maxi dresses so when I saw this trend, I was instantly hooked. The great thing about maxi skirts is they are so versatile. You can style them in so many different ways that you wouldn’t be able to with a maxi dress. They are all so different too. The one pictured above is my absolute favorite. Maxi skirts cover the majority of your body so I love the fact that this one still shows the length of her legs and makes the skirt a little more sexy

I love how they can be belted, plain, printed, high-low, etc. There are so many ways to wear this skirt. Another great thing is comfort. I love to wear these on the weekend because they are so easy and comfy and I can still looked dressed up while also feeling at ease and relaxed.

Another great thing about these skirts is they are EVERYWHERE. I went shopping yesterday at the mall and Target and every store I went in had some kind of maxi skirt. You don’t have to go to a high-end store to find a great skirt.

I love how the skirt is the statement piece in this outfit with a bright pop of color. I also love how flattering this is on her. The skirt is one shape, but it definitely shows curves and doesn’t make her look like a box.

Here is how I would style my maxi skirt:

I went with a very summery look, incorporating orange throughout the look, using different variations of the shade. I decided to use a high-low maxi skirt and because I did that, I wanted to show off the legs with a pair of coral wedges. I added a light wash denim vest for some layering and small gold accessories. I went with a nude/pink gloss, a very glam pair of shades, a chunky orange bag, and “sunbeam” by benefit to make the face glow in the summer sun.

I hope you enjoyed this and let me know how you wear your maxi skirts!

XO Alexa

3 chic outfits for the working woman

The fall is fast approaching and with that comes school, new jobs, and a new working wardrobe. I have put together three outifts that I think are going to MAKE your interview and have the office turning heads.

The avid journalist

This is by far my favorite for obvious reasons. She looks both professional as well as very feminine. It is really important to set a great first impression with her interviewees so goes with the basics: black and white with subtle pops of color. She wears pants because you never know when there will be a breaking story and she may to need to sit stand, kneel, etc. She always has to be prepared. She wears a sheer black sleevless blouse with silver beaded detailing on the collar. She also brings along a white blazer to really polish off the look while in the office. She still has to be taken seriously by her male co-workers ;)  Her briefcase is a simple, yet chic Balenciaga filled with a journal, pens, and a recoreder for interviews. She has glasses for when she is diligently tapping at the keys on her laptop 10 minutes before deadline, working furiously to get the front page newsstory ready for the online break. She wears color with a pair of minty earrings and a coral lip. These are going to draw attention to the face. She has to be taken seriously and paid attention to. To finish off the look, she ties her hair in a ballerina bun to keep her hair from her face. It’s important to be clean, concise, and ready to work!

The L.A. fashionista

This working girl is glamorous, fashion forward, and an all-around style guru. She is a creative director for Vogue at the L.A. offices and although her outfit is bright and colorful, she means business. She wears a light mint green dress complete with a statement necklace and white fitted blazer for a more polished look. She has her nude colored briefcase complete with iPad and iPhone to stay on top of her meetings, lunches with glitzy socialites, and date nights with her girlfriends. Her black nails mean she’s got claws and she’s not afraid to use them, but she wears a glossy pink smile to show she is welcoming to those who are in her “crowd.” This is Diane Von Ferstenberg’s right hand woman and she is ready to take the fashion world by storm!

The off-hours surgeon

This doctor is definitely not wearing scrubs all day. She is sleek, polished, professional, and everyone hates her for it. I chose a very “lady-like” look with a smooth pencil skirt and peplum top complete with traditional black pumps. She wears this on her days when she has meetings, intereviews, and isn’t performing open heart surgery. She has her leather briefcase with her planner to keep all of her surgeries in line and her blackberry, ready at any moment when on call to save someone’s life. She wears minimal makeup because with a job like hers and  skills like that, she doesn’t need a mask to hide behind. This doctor may not have you on her operating table, but she is definitely pulling at your heart strings.

XO Alexa

style INSPIRED 7/16/12

I saw this photo of Cameron Diaz and I love everything about it. From her cropped hair to her cropped pants, this is definitely street chic!

Here is take on her style:

I stayed pretty true to Cameron’s outfit. I did change the top from a white hoodie to a white flowy tank. I thought this would be more appropriate for a summer day look. I love the army green jacket she is wearing and I definitely wanted this to be the star of the show. I chose a jacket with studded detailing  on the collar and pockets. I also chose a pair of cropped pants,aviators, nude flat sandals and big black hobo bag to finish it off. Cameron does have a more red mouth so I chose a Clinique lip stain stick so the color isn’t too dramatic. It just gives a little bit of a pout because the rest of the look is pretty neutral and toned down.I think this is the perfect personification of a sunny day in L.A.!

I hope you liked this and I will talk to you later!

XO Alexa

style INSPIRED 7/15/12

I am going to start a new segment on my blog called “Style Inspired” where I will create various looks based on celebrity fashion, popular trends, etc. This isn’t meant to re-create exactly, but to take inspiration from the look and create a new look that incorporates similar elements. So, if there are some celebrity fashion idols or styles you would like me to create an inspired look for, please let me know!

I am loving the high waisted shorts trend and I think Miley Cyrus wears them so well. She always looks so put together, yet still grungy chic.

I love this 90′s comeback with the combat boots and high-waisted shorts. I think this is such a cool, feminine, yet grungy look and it is so easy to create and put your own spin on it. I also love her cat-eye sunglasses and top knot. Miley is definitely not afraid to show some skin and I love the fact that she doesn’t have her hair down, despite the more edgy look of this outfit. Top knots all the way!

This is my take on Miley’s look:

Instead of a tucked in strapless top, I chose a cropped top with zipper detailing to add more edge. I also chose a lighter color denim (instead of white) with studded detailing on the pocket and fringe on the bottom. The combat boots are a must and I chose a really feminine cross-body bag to bring some more ‘girlyness’ to the look. Miley had a lot nude and pink shades on her face so I chose the Nars “orgasm” blush (a pink-peach color) and light nude lipstick. I think with all of the accessories and strong features of the outfit, the makeup should be minimal. I also included the awesome cat-eye sunglasses. I love these and the wing isn’t too strong so the look isn’t so dramatic.

I hope you liked my take on Miley’s look and please comment below if you have any requests!

XO Alexa


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