Quick + Easy Everyday Makeup

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As a new mom, I don’t have a ton of time to get ready and do my makeup in the morning. To be honest, I typically don’t wear makeup at all on most days. However, when I do need to be out and about, I like to pull myself together and do a very minimal makeup look so that I appear more awake and fresh, as opposed to my “mombie” (mom + no sleep) appearance every other day. I have a 7-month-old and he dictates my schedule and how and where I spend my time so I need to be able to my makeup in 15 minutes or less while he still finds his toys somewhat amusing.

Whether you are a mom with a hectic schedule, a student who is rushing to get to class, or just need a quick makeup for work, this is going to simplify your routine and make it easier to ge your day started. It will take you less time do your makeup than to read this blog post so I hope you enjoy!



I think the face is the most important part of the look. A fresh, healthy, radiant complexion is going to really step up your look.

I think the most important part of your morning routine should be your skin so don’t skip out on cleansing, moisturizing, etc. Before my day starts (or my little one’s) I like to take care of my skin and prep for any makeup I will be applying later. This is also the time where I can pamper myself and have “me” time before the chaos ensues. Also, it is good to let your skin care products fully absorb into the skin before applying any makeup so I do this as soon as I wake up, then take care of Liam and any other household “chores”, and when I have a few minutes to spare, I can sit down and do my makeup.

◊◊◊ click on any of the products for more information and where to purchase ◊◊◊


This is not a necessary step, but I like to apply some sort of primer under my makeup so there is a barrier between my skin and my foundation. I like to use the Boots Botanics Radiance Balm  with brightening hibiscus. This is a pink-toned primer that helps to awaken the skin and minimize the appearance of fatigue and stress and I can really tell a difference when I use it. You can also mix this in with your foundation as well to save some time.


I like to use tinted moisturizers or BB creams because  they are quick, usually more beneficial for the skin (have SPF, better ingredients), and have the most natural appearance. I like to apply them with my hands because it is quicker and the warmth of your hands will help emulsify and blend the product into your skin. Here are my favorites:

  1. L’Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream:This product comes out as a white fluid and once you start applying it to your face, the pigments “open” and adjust to your skin tone. It has a luminous finish and is very hydrating. (I am in the shade “Light)
  2. E.L.F. Foundation Serum:This is an extremely sheer product, but it is great for evening out your overall skin tone. It has a satin finish and SPF 25. (I am in the shade “Light”)
  3. Foundation + Moisturizer: If you don’t want to buy any additional products, mix your foundation with your regular daytime moisturizer and create your own tinted moisturizer. This is going to sheer down the coverage of your foundation, provide more benefits to your skin, and give you spf (most daytime moisturizers contain spf).

*If you tend to get oily throughout the day, I would recommend lightly dusting a translucent powder through the areas that tend to look shiny. I like a more luminous/dewy look so I skip this step.



To add some color and definition back to the face, I would recommend lightly applying a bronzer to the areas that the sun would naturally hit (i.e. sides of the forehead, cheeks, bridge of the nose, and chin. This is going to bring back life to your face after applying your foundation by giving the face more dimension. If you want more of a sun-kissed look, I would recommend a bronzer that has a slight sheen. Here are my favorites:

  1. Physicians Formula Bronze Booster: This is an oldie, but a goodie. I have been using this bronzer for years and it is awesome. I really feel that Physicians Formula makes the best drugstore bronzers. This one has a slight shimmer, but nothing too noticeable and the tone is great. It is not too warm (orange) or too ashy (grey).
  2. Milani Baked Bronzer “Glow”: This is a shimmery bronzer that looks absolutely gorgeous on the skin. It has tiny gold reflects that give the skin a beautiful glow. Milani does a really great job on all of their baked bronzers, but this is my favorite.
  3. Milani Tantastic Face & Body Baked Bronzer: This is the ultimate sun-kissed, glowy, J-Lo bronzer. This can be used on the face and the body and in the summer, I like to apply this to my déclate area and on my legs. This is a little more intense and if you are super fair-skinned, I would use a very light hand.



This is the most minimal part of the entire look. I don’t bother with eyeshadow or any type of color on the eyes because I just want the appearance of being awake and “bright eyed.”


I would suggest running a brow gel through your brows to give them more definition and shape. You can use a tinted or clear brow gel OR clear mascara will work as well. Whether you have beautiful Cara Delevingne brows or not, I think this step is crucial. The brows really help to frame the face by adding more structure and shape.


The goal is to make the eyes appear more awake and open so I would suggest using a lengthening mascara, rather than going for volume. I apply to both my top and bottom lashes to really open up my eyes. Here are my favorites:

  1. Maybelline Define-A-Lash Lengthening Mascara: This is my all-time favorite lengthening mascara and I cannot live without it (dramatic much?). This mascara has a slender, rubber wand and is going to separate, lift, and lengthen your eyelashes, making your eyes appear more open.
  2. Covergirl The Super Sizer Mascara: This is a more recent discovery and it is almost as good as my Maybelline mascara. The wand is very unique because it “V’s” outward at the tip, but I feel it really helps separates and lengthens the lashes.


The only eyeliner I like to use is a white or cream colored liner on the bottom waterline. This is going to make your eyes appear bigger. I like to use a cream color because it has a less dramatic effect , but white will work as well. Here are my favorites:

  1. NYX Wonder Pencil: This is essentially a concealer pencil that can be used anywhere on the face, but I like to use it as a liner because of its staying power. Depending on your skin tone, you can choose between “Light,” Medium,” and “Deep.”
  2. MAC Cosmetics Studio Chromagraphic Pencil:This pencil is similar to the NYX pencil because it can be used anywhere on the face. It is water resistant and long-wearing, which makes it great for the waterline.



I like to keep my lips super simple and I usually go for something hyrdrating and mistake-proof. I love to kiss my baby’s big cheeks so I like to pick a balm that is not going to irritate his skin. Here are my favorites:

  1. Aquafor Healing Ointment:This is holy grail status and I love this for everyday use. It gives my lips a little bit of shine while also helping to keep them hydrated and healthy. PLUS, it is great to throw in my purse and use for chapped elbows, cuticles and any other dry areas (or diaper rash).
  2. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream:This is definitely more on the luxurious side, but I love this multi-purpose balm. It has a slight peachy tone so it looks beautiful on the lips and it will cure anyone’s dry lips. It’s amazing.
  3. NYX Butter Glosses:If you want more pigment and shine, I definitely suggest these butter glosses. They are super comfortable on the lips, they have great pigmentation, and they look super natural. I would recommend the shades, “Tiramisu,” “Crème Brulee,” and “Maple Blondie.”



Just like the primer, this is totally optional, but I like to spritz my skin with a light mist to seal everything in, get rid of any powdery areas, and enhance the overall look of my skin after I am finished. I also like to spray my face throughout the day if I am feeling dry or just need a pick-me-up. Here are my favorites:

  1. Home Health Rose Water: I got this rose water spray at Sprouts and I use it everyday whether I am wearing makeup or not. I like to finish my makeup with a light spritz of this to add hydration to my skin as well as reap the benefits of rose oil (antibacterial, reduces inflammation, etc.).
  2. Caramance Rose Facial & Body Water: This is an aerosol spray so it is a continuous mist, rather than a spray mist. It has minimal mineral content for in-depth hydration and contains Aloe Vera, Rose Water, and Glycerin. Aloe Vera is a great moisturizer and Glycerin is going to make your makeup look more fresh and dewy (rather than powdery and flat). **I cannot find where to buy this specific spray, BUT you can create your own using equal parts rosewater, glycerin, distilled water, and a little bit of witch hazel (I prefer Thayer’s Rose Petal Witch Hazel).

*For more information on these particular ingredients, please read my previous blog post about skin care ingredients:  https://alexachanbeauty.wordpress.com/2016/02/22/top-3-holy-grail-skin-products/

 I really hope this was helpful and makes it easier for you to get your day started. It seems like a lot of information and like this routine will take you too much time, but this is such a quick and easy makeup look and of course you should tweak depending on your style and skincare needs.  If you have any questions or comments, please let me know down below!



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