How to Dress and Impress!


Hilary Duff in “Beauty and the Briefcase”

I am so sorry it has been so long since I last posted, but I have been swamped at work, which is where a lot of my inspiration came to create this post.

Dressing for the office can extremely tough, especially when it comes to finding that fine line between appropriate and not (which is where I often get in trouble).

When you dress for work everyday, wherever that may be, you are making a statement about yourself and that often parallels  much with how you view your work, job, career, etc. You can dress in a dry-cleaned, crisp, perfectly tailored suit because you want to state that you are professional, you care about your job and take it seriously, and also establish a sense of authority when it comes to clients or other co-workers.

BUT it doesn’t always have to be the same pieces that you use to make a statement. Much like when you speak, your wardrobe can vary in style, color, pattern, and fabric just like your words can vary within a sentence, while making the same statement.

Here, I am going to show you how I like to make a certain statement in the work place, while also incorporating my own style so that I set myself apart from the others.

My statement: I am a confident, independent woman who aims to create an environment of respect, while also being approachable to clients and co-workers.

Outfit #1: Clean cut


This outfit is perfect for a fresh, clean, new take on a suit. Instead of picking out a regular suit, try picking different pieces and make your own suit. I went with very neutral colors that aren’t going to be distracting in the workplace, but used accessories to amplify the overall look. I also kept with this season’s trends to make it more fashion forward. I chose a white peplum top that is definitely going to be a work staple and will go with any pants, jackets, or skirts in the rest of her wardrobe. I also chose a very chic, fitted pair of black slacks. These are a MUST. Every woman should have a tailored-to-fit pair of black slacks that show off your best ass-ets. I went with a nude belt to add some girly flare and a light, nude pink blazer to bring the whole outfit together with just a little hint of color. For added drama, I went with a lot of different accessories. The statement piece is definitely the gold and black necklace. This adds just the right amount of edge, without being too overwhelming. The blazer also helps to tone it down by creating a “barrier.” I think watches are the best way to add elegance and a look of professionalism. Wearing a watch means you are conscious of the time and you follow a schedule. I also chose some gold bangles for wrist stacking. I think one of the most important parts of a look is the hair. For this look, “high adn tight” are the way to go. When your hair is pulled back and out of your face, you look more open and awake and the ballet bun adds a sense of sophistication. I went with a nude pair of heels, but you can add a more colorful pair for a pop of color!

Outfit #2: Sleek Sophistication


You know how every woman is always talking about that “little black dress?” Well, this is where you need to pay close attention. That perfect black dress that hugs you just in the right areas and accentuates your most prized possessions is a wardrobe staple. This is the perfect black dress that has your name written all over it and is great for the workplace and drinks with the girlfriends afterwards. I went with a form-fitting pencil black dress. It has cap sleeves for those warmer days (sleeveless is never appropriate) and it flares out at the waiste to give you more form on top and bottom. I have also added a nude belt to help create form because the dress is all one color.  The key to wearing this little black dress, especially multiple times, is to add extra pieces that are going to make it look different. That could be colorful scarf, a decadent statement necklace, or some apple red pumps. Here, I have gone with some royal velvelt purple lace-up booties. I absolutely love these because they have a different texture than the dress, they add a subtle pop of color, and the laces make the shoes look more polished. To add some edginess to the outfit, I have incorporated a nude, skull scarf to tie loosely around the neck and a black cross bracelet that is both trendy and a little daring. For this look, I think the perfect ponytail is all you need. It’s flirty and fun, yet keeps your hair back so you look clean and put together. For makeup, a nude gloss, light dash of blush and lots of mascara are the perfect way to bring out your inner Audrey Hepburn.

Outfit #3: Conservative with Color


This girl plays by the rules and doesn’t see the dress code as “guidelines.” 🙂 She is extremely conservative with her wardrobe and doesn’t want to send the wrong message. While this is all well and good, there is always room for style. For this outfit, I chose a very fitted pair of black pants that are going to accentuate her figure. Often times, our clothes are just too big or too small so make sure that you find pieces that fit you and are tailored to your body. I also chose a very flattering striped blouse that has movement. What does that mean. This blouse is going to be tighter in certain areas and more relaxed in others. I love when clothing is a little unconventional. I also love the vertical stripes because they lengthen the torso. For a pop of color, I added a bright coral bobble necklace and some apple red pumps. Not your favorite color? Incorporate some shades that go well with your skin tone. For the hair, the messier and “imperfect” the better. I think that the outfit is already so structured so some loose waves would be perfect. Want more drama? Add some red lips and winged liner 🙂

Outfit#4: The Fashionista


This girl is the style magnet in the office. Her desk not only has the weekly reports and cup full of pens and highlighters, but she also has a collection of all the latest women’s fashion magazines to read during her breaks. She knows all of the trends and she wants to make sure she dress accordingly. Leather is such a huge trend right now and this girl is flaunting it! I love this skirt because it takes leather, which can often look harsh, and makes it super girly and flirty. The “skater” skirt is such a huge trend as well so mixing them together is a for sure win. I like this style of skirt because the cut is very fun, yet it is appropriate if you find a good length. Since the length can be a little iffy, add some opaque tights and you are B. Waldorf approved! I added a loose, white tank and structured blazer to offset the flirtiness and movement of the skirt. Of course, accessories are a must and cunky, statement pieces are the latest and greatest. I have incoporated a chunky, gold, beaded necklace and a really trendy bracelet cuff along with some dainty, heart earrings. This girl is not complete without the perfect pair of shoes so I went with a pair of rose gold loafers that even Taylor Swift would be jealous of. For this look, a loose top knot is one of the most trending hairstyles among young women these days so that is of course the style of choice.

I really hope this was helpful and inspires you to try something new at your work place. Not only can you stand out with your skills or your personality, but your style should be a reflection of your individuality as well 🙂




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