*Winter 2012* fashion trends

I love winter not only for the hot chocolate and crackling fireplaces and Christmas spirit, but also because of the amazing fashion. I am going to share with you five trends that I am loving this season as well as different ways you can style them to fit your own personality as well as figure.


Leather is such an alternative fashion piece and you can really make a bold statement, which is why most of us avoid it altogether. BUT, I think we undermine the beauty of a great piece of leather, whether it’s a pair of boots, a jacket, or some hip-hugging pants. Leather is definitely a winter must-have!

Leather looks amazing, but it is also very practical when it is freezing outside. Leather always keeps me warm, while also giving my outfit an extra boost of confidence. So get rid of those dirt, worn-down Uggs and get yourself a nice pair of leather boots. Don’t like the heel? Leather boots come in all heights and shapes. If you’re more edgy, try some leather combat boots. More girly? Try some leather ballet flats or loafers. And if you’re really up for the challege, try some knee-high boots that are going to be a show-stopper.

What is an awesome and booming trend is mixing leather with other fabrics. I love all of the new blouses and denim jackets that are incorporating denim sleeves. I think this is a great for any of you who want to add some leather to your wardrobe, but want to start with baby steps.

This is one of my favorite ways to wear leather without drawing too much attention. I think that with such a bold piece like leather, other parts of the outfit need to be softer and more played down so I paired the pants with a high-low grey sweater and dainty jewelry. I think any kind of oversized sweater will look great with such a striking pair of pants and especially high-low sweaters because they cover the butt, which may be more flattering. I also paired the outfit with some studded, taupe boots to bring a little more color to the outfit as well as soften the look. I added a really feminine Chanel cross-body bag with gold hardware for a more girly touch. I think makeup and hair should be extremely minimal. Try a nude eye and lip, but go heavy on the mascara and top of your look with a top knot.

*For a more formal look, add some black pumps and a bold red lip.


The fall/winter time is all about the rich jewel tones like burgandy and green and blue, but these colors can be a little daunting. How should you wear these shades? What shade is right for you? What kind of clothing should you wear (pants, tops, dresses, etc.)? The key to these rich shades is all about flattering your body type and knowing how put the pieces together. If you are heavier in your lower body, I would consider wearing jewel toned dresses or blouses that aren’t going to draw a lot of attention to the hips, thigh, or butt area. If you are bigger on top, I would try a peplum top that is going to accentuate your waist and be more forgiving in the hips.

What should you pair with these bold shades? Go simple. Pair a plain-white tee with a pair of wine colored cords. It it’s chilly, add a fun scarf that incorporates the same color with a neutral sweater and some boots. The main focus of the outfit are your pants, so allow them to be by toning down the rest of the outfit.

*For a more formal look, try a burgandy or moss green dress with some booties.


Weather it’s mink or faux, fur is a winter staple. I think fur can be quite overwhelming and often times overdone, but I am going to show you how I style my favorite fur piece that is simple, elegant, and very fashion forward.

Vests are my favorite way to rock the fur. I think that the lack of sleeves gives my outfit a little more of a more approachable look and allows for my outfit to breathe (literally and figuratively). I also think fur vests look great with everything: jeans, dresses, leather, cords, skirts, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Another way to wear fur is in your accessories. I think fur boots and head pieces and even jewelry pieces are the best way to incorporate fur into your wardrobe without appearing too stuffy.


This is by far my favorite trend of the moment. I love all of the camo, cargo, and army greens in fashion right now and there is nothing “uniform” about these pieces. What I love most about this trend is the structure. I think a shoulder board gives your jacket a more formal appearance and cargo can add a little bit of masculinity to your outfit. Afraid of looking too masculine? Play up the accessories by adding a dainty belt and really feminine jewelry. Also, ballerina buns can instantly make an outfit appear more feminine. Instead of combat boots or sneakers, add some pumps or booties. Play up the drama in your makeup with a bold red lip or some winged liner.

How should you wear camo? The key is less is more. Like animal print or any other kind of printed fabric, camo should be used to accent your outfit, not overwhelm it. Add a camo jacket over a really feminine dress. Pair skinny camo pants with a white chiffon blouse and some heels. Still too much? Layer a camo t-shirt underneath a chunky sweater with some leggings and knee-high boots. There are so many ways to incorporate camo into your wardrobe by just adding small pieces at a time.

Where can I find military-inspired apparel? With this being such a huge trend, most fashion stores will have some variation of pieces, but my best advice would be to find your local army/navy store or thrift store. These are going to be more authentic, well-made pieces at a more affordable price. The downside is that they probably won’t fit the way you want. The solution: add a belt to a structured jacket to show off your waist. Tailor the pants for a more custom fit. Most places will hem or tuck for around $10.

*For a more formal look, pair a military style jacket with a chiffon top and some leather pants and wine-stained lips.

I hope this was helpful!

XO Alexa


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