REVIEW and DEMO: Wet n’ Wild color icon eyeshadow palettes

Hi everyone! I am so excited to be sharing this with you today. I recently bought a few Wet n’ Wild color icon shadow palettes from the drugstore and I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the shades and show you how they swatch!

I have been hearing so many rave reviews about these palettes so I had to try them out PLUS they are so incredibly affordable!

Color icon eyeshadow trios:

Price: $2.99

I purchased one of these shadow palettes just to see if I would like it or not. I picked “knock on wood,” which is a combination of a light matte pink, a dark shimmery brown, and a shimmery burgandy. I thought these shades would be perfect for a fall look. Here is what I thought:

  • Pigmentation: The lighter pink shade was the least pigmented of the trio and I wasn’t impressed. I thought the burgandy and dark brown swatched the best and had the best color pay off.
  • Texture: I noticed that the shadows were a little on the powdery side after one swatch (the light pink was the most powdery), but after building up the color, the shades are beautiful. The burgandy has a slight shimmer, which gives a really nice glowy look and I love the way it looks on the eyes.
  • Shade variation: 1 matte shade and 2 shimmery.
  • Would I re-purchase? Absolutely! I chose this trio because I loved the dark cranberry color and deep brown so the fact that the lighter pink shade wasn’t great didn’t deter me in anyway. I love this trio and I think it is worth all of the hype! I can’t wait to try others.

Color icon 8 eyeshadow palettes:

Price: $4.99

“Petal Pusher”:

“Comfort Zone”:

I purchased two of these palettes because I had heard SO many great reviews on them and I couldn’t resist the beautiful shades in the palettes. I purchased “Petal Pusher” and “Comfort Zone.” Petal pusher is a beautiful array of purples and pinks and Comfort zone is a beautiful array of greens, and browns, and creams. Here is what I thought:

Petal pusher:

  • Pigmentation: HIGHLY pigmented. All of the shades are absolutely gorgeous and I have nothing, but great things to say about color payoff. I think the deeper shades are the most pigmented and have the richest color.
  • Texture: Very similar to the trio, I noticed that some of the shadows were a little powdery (top, second from the left); however they still look amazing. The black shade does have a bit of a chunky feel to it because of the silver/blue glitter.
  • Shadow variation: There are 4 shimmery shades, 1 matte shade, and 3 glittery shades.
  • Would I re-purchase? ABSOLUTELY. I love this palette and I hardly ever wear purple shades on my eyes. I got so many compliments at work and everyone was expecting it to be high-end because of how amazing they looked.

Comfort zone:

  • Pigmentation: Again, these are extremely pigmented and after only one swipe of my finger, this is what I got (above). The two brown shades (upper left) and the black were the most pigemented.
  • Texture: I found these to be less powdery than the other palettes. These seemed to be more silky and smoothe and I was really impressed with this particular palette. The gray/purple shade (bottom left) was the least impressive and had a really powdery feel and didn’t swatch that great, but everything else looked amazing.
  • Shade variation: There are 5 shimmery shades and 3 glittery shades.
  • Would I re-purchase? Heck yes!!! This was my favorite palette of the bunch and I love the beautiful greens and browns. I think this palette would look even more amazing on people with hazel eyes. The only negative is the fact that there aren’t any matte shades, but other than that, I love it!

I really hope this was helpful and inspired you to go out and try some of these products. I really do recommend them and notjust  because they are affordable, but because they are really great shadows. If you do try any of these or have tried these, leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

XO Alexa


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