Must-have Makeup Products for the Fall!

Hi everyone! I am so excited to share with you my favorite beauty products for the fall ranging from lipsticks to blushes to eyeshadows, etc. I love the fall time because of all of the rich colors and new textures and I think it is so fun to translate that into your makeup. I am going to show you four categories and my top five favorites in each. You don’t have to get the exact brands, but get ideas from the shades. Enjoy!


(from left to right)

  1. MAC “azalea banks”: For the fall time, a deep plum color with cool undertones is a must! I love this color because it is so rich and I love how purple it is. A lot of people think of burgandy and wine colors when it comes to lipsticks, but I think it is so fun to play around with more non-conventional colors.
  2. Sunday Riley “french nude”: This is definitely a staple not only during the fall season, but all year round. A really good nude color is always good to have, but make sure it doesn’t wash you out. You want a nude that is going to soften your natural lip’s color, but not make you appear lifeless. The fall time is the best time to go all out with dramatic smokey eyes so having a nude lip color to go with it is essential.
  3. YSL “opera rose”: You can never go wrong with a classic apple red. I love wearing the pin-up look and a perfect red lip can make or break the look. I also think a red lipstick with a little bit of a shine is great as well because it makes your lips appear more pouty.
  4. NARS “amsterdam”: This is the perfect burgandy color that has a warmer undertone (unlike the MAC lipstick). I love a good wine stained lip and especially a matte one. With such a bold and daring color, keeping it matte intensifies the look and makes it more dramatic. Pair this shade with nude eyes for the perfect combination.
  5. Burberry “antique pink”: If you don’t want to be as dramatic this fall, but want a little something extra for your lips try a taupe color. Taupe or any kind of tan color is going to make your face look more rich and interesting, without being too dramatic.


  1. Stila “coral”: Coral isn’t just for the summer. I think peachy coral colors are perfect for the fall season because most of the drama is in your lips and eyes so a nice, matte, toned down shade is perfect for the cheeks. This blush would go great with a really smokey bronzed eye because it compliments the warm shades in the eye.
  2. Stila custom color blush: This is a lot like the previous blush; however, it has a more plum undertone, which means a cooler undertone. I would pair this with a purple smokey eye or even a green smokey eye. This is a great shade for just a flush of color that won’t take away from a dramatic eye.
  3. Kevin Aucoin “Patrice”: I think this is such a rich and beautiful shade for the fall time and I love that it is a cream. The cream is going to make it last longer and really amplify the tone. I also love that it is matte so it goes on more dramatic. I would pair this blush with a winged liner and big lashes. The blush is definitely the star of the show here.
  4. MAC “early morning”: This is pretty much the same shade as the first stila blush, but this one is a mineralized blush so it has a hint of shimmer. I also love how warm it is and this will go great with a coral/red lip and warm eyeshadows. I think a little bit of shimmer for the fall is great because it is beginning to become more dry and a little shimmer will add that glow back to your face.
  5. Nars “liberte”: This is another great plummy shade, but it isn’t too dramatic. I also love that it is matte as well. I think this blush would look amazing with a dark, black smokey eye. This blush will give you just the right amount of color while leaving the drama to the eyes.

Nail polish

  1. MAC “rouge marie”: This is definitely a fall staple when it comes to nails. A deep wine color is a must-have for the fall season. I am loving all of the oxblood colors out right now and I think they add a whole new dimension to your look. This color goes great with everything and is great for all styles. I think it’s edgy, but not too harsh like a black.
  2. Nars “storm”: I love wearing deep greys on my nails in the cooler months. It is softer than black, but gives that edgy hint to your look. It is also neutral so I think it goes great with every outfit. This is definitely a more daring shade, but I think everyone can pull it off. Just add some more dainty accessories to your hands and fingers and the look will be much softer and feminine.
  3. RGB “beach”: This is a classic and should be worn all year round. There is nothing better than apple red and I think it adds such a feminine and powerful look to the nails. It also catches the eye very easily. I can always spot someone who is wearing bright red nails. If you want the attraction to be on you, this is the perfect shade.
  4. Essie “good as gold”: The fall time is full of such rich, warm tones and gold is one of the star players. I love wearing gold on my nails because it acts like an accessory. If you want to glam up your look, but don’t want to wear all of the wrist candy, try a gold shade. It is soft, light and not too daring, but gives your look that extra bit of sparkle.
  5. Dior “safari beige”: For that everyday look, a nude, matte, beige is the way to go. This is such a classic, polished and put together shade and goes great with everything. If you don’t want a lot of attention on your nails, but you want to look like you care about them, choose a tan, beige, taupe color.


  1. Illamasqua “human fundamentalism”: This is the perfect everyday go-to palette. I love the matte cream shadow, the matte black shadow, and matte brown shadow because these are all very wearable and will create a great, neutral smokey eye. I also love the fact that this palette has a shimmery gold for the days that you need an extra bit of something or you are going to a a night look after a day at work.
  2. Bareminerals “the winner is”: Mossy green is a total hit this fall and green on the eyes looks amazing for all eye colors. I think with a shade like this, you don’t need a whole lot of dimension. Just wing out your green shadow and add a little bit of a cream highlight in the inner corner with mascara and some liner and your good to go. When you have such strong shades, you don’t have to go all out with a complete smokey eye. Especially if this is for school or work. The green shade is going to do all of the work for you so compliment it with a light shade to bring some light to your eyes and that’s all you need.
  3. Kanebo “ES11”: Again, just like the mossy green, a deep plum purple is a definite go-to shade for this season. I would find a palette that offers you variations of the shade (like this one) so that you can play around with the colors and create a smokey eye or just go for a more simple eye. You want options depending on your mood and the occasion.
  4. Nars “douce france”: This is another fall staple color. If you aren’t wearing it on your lips, you should definitely be wearing it on your eyes or cheeks. A deep burgandy is my favorite color to wear on the lids and adding softer pinks and creams is going to soften the look and give your eyes more dimension. The darker shade won’t look so harsh against your skin.

I hope you enjoyed all of these beautiful colors and encourage all of you to try out some of them and have fun with it. Fall is all about rich tones so don’t be afraid!

XO Alexa


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