3 Fall Fashion Outfits!

I absolutely love fall fashion. I love all of the layering and boots and tights and colors! I am going to show you 3 of my favorite outfit combinations that I love for this time of year. Depending on your style, tweak it as much as you like to fit your personality the best!
Leather, cheetah, and combat boots

This is definitely my favorite! I love the leggings and animal print and combat boots, 3 trends that are so much fun to play with this fall season. I chose a very fitted pair of leather leggings and a toned down taupe high-low sweater so it didn’t compete with the pants and prints. I picked a cheetah scarf to add some femininity to the outfit as well as a leather/cheetah bag to tie it all together. I chose an amzing pair of studded combat boots for a little extra flare. I think a bold, burgundy lip would look amazing with this outfit as well as super voluminous lashes. To top it off, I think a top know would look amazing because you don’t want your hair getting in the way of everything else that is going on.

Denim and cargo

Denim shirts are making a comeback and I am so excited for this trend! I love how relaxed it looks, but you can definitely amp it up and make it more dressed up and polished. I took a very relaxed light wash denim shirt and paired it with a pair of skin-tight cargo pants, which are also a big trend this season as well. I love the “safari” look of this combination, but I still wanted it to look feminine so I added a lot of accessories and a leather hand bag. I chose a pair of neutral, taupe boots that fit in with the comfy vibe, but are also super cute. For makeup, I suggest a nude lip, matte browns and neutrals on the lid, and wine stained nails. I also think this look will look so great with relaxed hair that has a “I didn’t do my hair this morning” vibe.

Fur and leather

This is definitely a more glamorous look, but the combat boots definitely make it school, work, “hanging out” friendly. I love this taupe leather dress and I think paired with these fishtail tights it looks stunning. The lightness of the tights balances out the heaviness of the leather dress. I added a pair of taller combat boots, but you can always substitute these with a pair of booties with a heel for a night-out look. I really wanted to incorporate “glam” into the look so I went with a fur vest that makes this outfit scream New York City chic. I added a few accessories for extra glam and a leather black hand bag. For makeup, I would keep it simple because of everything else going on so try a natural, rosy blush for that winter chill flush and a nude lip. I think the hair should be more feminine so try an intricate bun or more formal hair style, then take a pick or the end of your comb and pull at it for a more tousled look.

I really hope you enjoyed these looks and let me know what you think of them in the comments!

XO Alexa


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