Fav of the Day! 9/25/12

Happy Tuesday everyone! I am so excited for the favorite today (evening). I have been seeing this everywhere and I was really unsure of it first, but I really like it and I hope I can pull it off this fall 🙂


Shorts and tights! I have been seeing this all over magazines and in street wear and I think it is so cute! I never thought I would like something like this, but I really do. Especially with all of the fall colors, playing with different shades is going to be so beautiful.


I think that this trend paired with some combat boots is going to be amazing this fall and winter season. I was afraid of even going near this trend because I am only 5’2″ and I feel like the shorts and tights would make me look even shorter, but it actually does just the opposite. If you choose a shorter and more high waisted pair of shorts, your legs are going to look longer. Especially with a pair of tights because they are going to help color block your legs.

I think this look can be any style you want it to be: edgy, girly, sultry, romantic, etc. Take your own personal style and add it to the trend. I think that is what makes this so great. There are so many different looks you can create.

This is my personal favorite:

I love the look of denim and combat boots together and I think the tights really bring those two elements together. Too edgy? Add a really feminine and flirty top or big bold accessories to glam up your outfit!

XO Alexa




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