Garnier Skin Renew BB Cream: In-depth review + demo

Hello everyone! If you saw my favorite from this morning, you will know that I love my latest purchase. The Garnier “skin renew miracle skin perfector” bb cream has been a recent favorite of mine.

Here is a video I filmed yesterday about my first impression of the product. After wearing it the entire day, I wanted to do a more in-depth review (below).

I love asian bb creams and I wasn’t willing to jump ship and join the American bandwagon only because I have tried a few and in my opinion they were glamorized tinted moisturizers.  I didn’t think they were worth the hype and that they were just another fad. I had never tried the Garnier version, but I had heard so many rave reviews about it so I thought I would try one last time and I am so glad I did.

*Disclaimer: I am in the shade “medium/deep.” There are only 2 shades– “light/medium” and “medium/deep.”

I am going to share with you my thoughts on this product in-depth from application to skin types to how I wear it.


I find that applying this product with my real techniques “expert face brush” (dense buffing brush) works best. I think it spreads the product more evenly across my face and looks better when I am done. Using my fingers would be my second option. This is great for a more “running out the door” kind of situation when you want to even out your skin tone just enough so you don’t look like you rolled out of bed, but you’re in a hurry. Also, if you want to reapply throughout the day, using your fingers is going to be the most practical.

Who should use it:

This is an extremely shear coverage product meaning your skin is going to show through a lot. This can be good or bad. For me, I love it because I have freckles and I love when they show through. I also like when my face looks natural and “real” instead of cakey and fake. In terms of skin type, I am combination. This means I get oil in certain areas of my face (nose area, forehead, and chin), but I am dry in other areas (cheeks). I would recommend this product for dry to combination skin because this product is very dewy. When I say “dewy” I mean it has a oily, shiny look and feel to it.

As I wore the bb cream throughout the day, I noticed my face was a lot oil-er than usual so halfway through, I applied my Rimmel “Stay Matte” translucent powder to my T-zone. I also noticed it was oily to the touch as well and I wasn’t a fan of that, but when I applied some pressed powder, it looked and felt a TON better.

If you do have oily skin, I don’t know if I would recommend buying this product because your face may look extremely shiny throughout the day. HOWEVER, I think if you were to set it with a powder, it would wear a lot nicer. This is all preference. If you have the money to try out this product, I definitely would. If you don’t want to spend the money, then don’t. There are other tinted moisturizers and light coverage foundations that will work better with oily skin.

As for choosing a shade, I chose the darker of the two. I think if you are on the fair side (ivory-beige), I would choose the light/medium shade. If you are on the tan side (buff-cappuccino), I would choose medium/deep. Now that summer is over, I am more on the fair side, but after blending it out, it looked really nice on my skin. I was just afraid of getting something too light and looking like I had a white cast on my face.
How I use it:

Like I said before, I apply the product on the back of my hand and then use my buffing brush to buff the product all over my face. Then I apply my Rimmel “stay matte” translucent powder lightly on my t-zone so I don’t look so oily. I would recommend a translucent powder so that you don’t add any more coverage if you like the sheer, light coverage. I also add concealer under my eyes and on any blemishes I may have.

All-in-all, this really is a nice product and I do recommend it to most of you (depending on your skin’s needs). If you have the money, I would try it out and see what you think. It’s only $12, but this is more expensive than a lot of drugstore foundations so you may not be willing or able to buy. Also, this bb cream as over 1 fluid ounce more than a regular foundation so that is something to also consider.

If you have tried this product, please let me know what you think in the comments!

*My previous blog post about bb creams:


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