Fav of the Day! 9/21/12

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Thank goodness the work week is over and we can all relax (hopefully). A trend that I have been seeing a lot lately as well as following myself is…

Matte nail polish! I think this is such a great way to show off your nails with a little edge. I am subscribed to Myglam (now IPSY) and I have been getting a lot of matte nail colors in my monthly bags. I absolutely love them and I didn’t think I would because I love shiny, glossy nails, but for some reason having a matte nail makes me feel a little more edgy and daring… I don’t know.

Another trend I am loving along with the matte nail polish is mixing matte polish with glossy polish like these:

I think this is such a great trend for the fall because when I think of the autumn and the cooler weather, I think of toned down, very soft, (and kind of gloomy) colors so matte nails are a great way to show off some pretty jewel tones!

If you have never tried a matte nail polish, I would definitely try one out just to see…you never know what good things can come of it 😉 AND if you don’t like, add a clear glossy top coat 🙂

My suggestions:

  • ORLY matte vinyl
  • ZOYA mod mattes collection

*I have never tried this product before, but e.l.f has a “matte finisher clear nail polish that mattifies glossy nail polish and it is only $2. You can find this product on their website (http://www.eyeslipsface.com/elf/nails/elf_nail_polish/matte_finisher_clear_nail_polish) They are currently out of stock, but I would keep checking back.

XO Alexa



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