Fav of the Day! 9/14/12

Yay!! It’s Friday 🙂 I am so excited for the weekend. This past week has been so chaotic and I am in desperate need for some relaxation. I am so sorry I missed the Fav of the Day yesterday

😦 Yesterday was a total whirlwind of interviews and I was totally beat…BUT I am super excited about the favorite for today in the coming months:

Combat boots! I have been seeing this in magazines and clothing stores everywhere now and I am so excited to wear these this fall and winter. I think combat boots are the perfect combination of edgy, stylish, and very comfortable. There are so many ways you can wear combat boots:

  • paired with a dress/skirt
  • paired with skinny jeans
  • paired with shorts
  • paired with leather pants…my favorite 🙂

I think these are going to definitely be my “go-to” shoes because they are so easy and they look great with everything.

There are also different styles of combat boots. There is the holy grail, never-go-out-of-style Dr. Martens

There are the rugged, Johnny Depp, “working” boots:

Then, there are the trendy ones, which is what I have been seeing in so many fashion magazines: (the ones from Steve Madden are the latest and greatest)

These are definitely going to be a fall staple for me! If you have some boots, but want to jazz them up a bit, add some studding or jewels or lace. You can buy these embellishments at Etsy.com, Amazon.com, Ebay.com, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and any other craft stores for super CHEAP.

Here is how I would wear them:

This is your biker-chick, Audrina Patridge kind of girl. She’s not afraid to wear skin-tight leather pants and a ferocious pair of combat boots…yes, ferocious. I added a pop of color with the turquoise bracelet and bright pink glossy lip. I absolutely love this look and I cannot wait to rock it when it gets cooler 🙂

*How do/would you wear combat boots? Please comment!

*ALSO, new fall-inspired video up on my blog later today!

XO Alexa


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