3 Date Outfit ideas <3

Picking out the perfect outfit for a date can be really stressful, whether it’s your first or your tenth with him. You want to look nice and put together, but not so much that you look like you are trying too hard. I have put together 3 great outfits for various occasions that are sure to have your guy foaming at the mouth and wanting more!

1. Day date

This date is a Saturday afternoon at the park (do people still do that anymore?) or a picnic or a day at the museum or any kind of date that is during the day and most likely outside at some point. I chose a a really fun and flirty dress that can be casual, but still breathes elegance and style. The fall is upon us so I went with a beautiful deep orange so your outfit will look gorgeous against a backdrop of autumn leaves and dying grass…wait, what? Well, it’s the truth. Browns and reds and yellows are definitely fall colors so even though the grass is slowly losing it’s vibrant green hue, you are going to look stunning in orange with a yellow landscape around you. (haha that ryhmed) I paired the dress with a light wash denim jacket because you always want to be prepared for any kind of weather, especially if you are going to be outside most of the time. I also added a printed scarf just for some extra flare as well as for practicality (depending on where you are). I went with brown ankle boots because these are going to be more comfortable than flats (no arch or support) and heels (obvious reasons). Depending on the activities for the day, you can swap the boots for a pair of sneakers (converse). I chose minimal jewelry and went with a Michael Kors rose gold watch and some heart studs. I think it’s important to have a watch so you can keep up with the time if you have different events planned or if you have a curfew (you little ones!) For makeup, LESS IS BETTER! I went with a waterproof mascara just in case you sweat or get water on you at the park (fountains, water balloon fight lol) and I chose Benefit’s “Benetint” because this can double up as a blush and a lip stain. You can keep this in your bag and touch up when you need to! Last, I chose a nude cross body bag because these are the easiest to carry around and they won’t get in the way 🙂

2. The classic dinner and a movie

This date is the classic Friday night date choice when you go to a nice, but not fancy restaurant (Chili’s, Bennigan’s, Ruby Tuesday) and then catch a romantic (if he’s into that) flick at the movie theater down the street. This is your go-to date spot, whether it’s your first date or your tenth. I chose a basic pair of skinny jeans with a ncie wash so your legs have a little more dimension and don’t look flat (as in the color) in the dimly lit restaurant or in a dark theater. The key thing about dates is VERSATILITY. You want to be able to change it up depending on the environment, your mood, etc. I chose a flowy taupe tank (can’t go wrong with neutrals, right?) layered with a nice, but comfortable jacket just in case it gets cold in the theater or he’s putting the moves on you and you need to send a message real quick! 😉 Since you are going to be sitting down most of the night, it’s okay to get a little glamorous with the shoes so I chose a pair of suede wedges (don’t get too crazy; you might need to run away) that are going to lengthen your legs. I wanted to add a pop of color with accessories so I went with a yellow beaded necklace, but you can choose whatever color that you think goes with your skin tone and makeup the best. I chose another watch because, like I said before, it’s important to know what time it is because of reservations or movie times or curfew. I chose a bigger bag for those snacks you may be sneaking into the movies (girl, he better be paying for those snacks!) or to hold your jacket. For makeup, I would go a little more dramatic than your everyday look. Try some black eyeliner on your lower water line or a deeper lip stick to show off your pout. You are going to be in a dimly lit environment and it will be night time so you need to amp up the look more so it is noticeable. AND, you can never go wrong with a smokey eye. This is the perfect night time look. Make sure to wear waterproof just in case you get teary eyed during the movie 🙂

Fancy Shmancy i.e. he really wants to impress you

This is the Saturday night out on the town to a really nice restaurant, fine wine, and the one time you order an appetizer AND dessert. I chose a form-fitting dress. Just because you are going to go dine at some snooty restaurant, doesn’t mean you can’t show off your best assets. You’re going to have all the gold diggers in there jealous as hell. I also chose a rich burgandy color to match the season. This is a wine that he’s going to want seconds of. I did include a form-fitted jacket, but only wear this to the restaurant, not during dinner. This is purely for dramatic effect. He’s not going to know what’s underneath and that’s always fun, right? Depending on the weather, you can tweak the style to match (i.e. don’t wear fur when it’s 80 degrees and up). I chose a sparkly gold clutch because all you need are lipstick and some mints…there’s no cash coming from you tonight! I went with a sleek pair of black pumps with some stud detailing on the heal for an added edge. And for this outfit, you don’t need a watch. Everything is go with the flow while you sip on port wine that you can’t even afford the cork stop for and just soak in the evening.  You look hott and you definitely know it! For this look, I would either go heavy on the eye makeup and nude on the lips or vice versa. I chose to go heavy on the lip so I went with “Autumn leaves” by NARS on the lips and winged liner on top for extra flirtiness. Also, since your legs are the main attraction, I chose a body oil mist by Philosophy to really amp up the shine and have everyone turning heads.

I hope this was helpful and maybe helped alleviate first date jitters or maybe amp up your romance life with the guy you are with.

XO Alexa


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