*My skin care routine* All drugstore!

I have been getting some requests to share my skincare routine with y’all so here it is! All of these are drugstore products and are easily accessible; however, everyone’s skin is different so I encourage you to talk to a dermatologist or skin specialist first before trying anything. I have combination and extremely sensitive skin and these are the products that work for me. Enjoy in HD!


-Noxzema original deep cleansing cream: $4 any drugstores

-SIMPLE replenishing rich moisturizer: $4 at Target

-SIMPLE cleansing facial wipes: $5 at Target

-Jarrow coconut oil: $10 at Vitamin Shoppe (you can purchase any brand of this anywhere)

-Eclos cellular activator facial serum: $20 at Target

-Eclos moisture therapy regenerative cream: $20 at Target

-Queen Helene mint julep and clay masks: $4 any drugstore

-Equate apricot scrub: $5 at Walmart or Target

My hair care routine: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBujQBhgAEE&feature=plcp

XO Alexa


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