Project HOME: Revamping dead space

I recently moved to Virginia where my husband is stationed (Naval Station Norfolk) and I have spent all summer making our new house a  home. From new furniture to decor to organization, I am super excited one minute and totally stressed out the next. It can be a ton of fun decorating your house and making it your own style (like you could never do growing up), but it can also be extremely difficult.

I find myself asking, “How is all of that going to fit into there?” “Where am I going to put all of these pots and pans?” “Why is there never enough cabinet space in the bathroom?” “What am I going to do with an extra closet?”

These are all questions that I have been asking myself and slowly, but surely I have managed to finagle my way to the right answer. So, I am going to share with you some of my tips and tricks on how to turn your living space into YOUR space that will be both practical as well as stylish.

This will be a new series called project HOME and I will divide it into segments. Today’s segment will “Revamping dead space” as the title says and every week or so, I will introduce new tips and tricks that will help you stay neat and organized as well as love the space your are in!

Revamping dead space:

As I was saying earlier, I recently moved into a new house and one of my first projects was to get my office organized. My husband has his own office and I wanted a space of my own where I could write, work on my blog, shoot video, etc. There are three bedrooms in our home so he has an office and I have an office, but my office is an actual bedroom, which means it has a pretty good sized closet space. I immediately knew I was going to put all of my stuff in here: portfolio, journalism books, paper, binders, folders, etc. I was okay with that decision and it seemed like the most practical, but I was bored and uninspired. The most important thing for me as a writer is inspiration. If I don’t have an environment that is going to open my mind and spur creativity, then what’s the point, right?

About a month ago, I decided to do something about this closet. Such a small and seemingly insignificant space, yet it was so important to me that I design it exactly the way I wanted and really make it a part of the room, not a closed-off area. Well, as most of y’all probably do, I was salivating over all of the amazing decor ideas on Pinterest, wishing I could have my perfect office space and like I kept seeing over and over again. Then, I found it! It was nothing extravagant or glamorous, but it was exactly what I needed. I immediately began coming up with ideas and color schemes and I was so excited that I had finally found a way to decorate what I thought was a dull and dead space. My office had a desk (obviously), but it cut the room in half and didn’t give me a lot of space to work with for other projects I may be working on. This is when I knew this was the perfect idea for me!

This is the picture I found on Pinterest:

I thought this was so clever and the closet was exactly what I had in my office. I had no use for it for clothes and accessories like a normal closet and it was too large to just hold some binders and papers. This was the perfect idea for me and I knew I would be able to cram all of my favorite quotes, photos, trinkets, etc. that inspire me the most in this one small space. I am not close to being done, but I have already gotten my desk in there and put up lights. I now want to put wallpaper on the inside and hang some lanterns from the ceiling to add some more color 🙂 I also put a curtain instead of having doors to open up the space more and let it “breathe.”

Here is how I re-vamped my closet:

I still have a lot of work to do, but I just wanted to share with you what I was doing and how I was organizing my space. I am still going to put up some wallpaper because the inside is so boring and dull and I want to hang some lanterns and fun girly stuff like that 🙂

Now, this post is not just about taking a closet and turning it into your sanctuary. This is about any space in your home that is dead and lifeless and ordinary and making it something to be proud of. Whether it is a little nook in your living room, a small window seat in your kitchen, a blank wall in your bedroom or office, you can turn it into a piece of decor. This also doesn’t mean that every inch of your house has to be decorated to tee and has to be utilized for something. This was just my dilemma and my experience with my office.

Here are some more great ideas on how to re-vamp dead space:

Like I said before, this is supposed to be both practical AND fun and creative and decorative. You don’t want to just install a bunch of shelves, you want to add some flare to it by incorporating pieces of your style as well. For example, when adding a book shelf with a lot of little nooks and crannies, add some of your favorite little trinkets or old vintage purses or antiques that you love within the bookshelf to make it both useful (it’s holding your books) as well as a piece of decor (it is weaving pieces that are going accent your home decor).

My goal here is to inspire you to begin a new project on that space that you have been staring at everyday, wishing it would magically turn into your Pinterest wonderland 🙂 You don’t have to spend a lot of money either. Be resourceful! I definitely am. I didn’t even buy anything. I used stuff I already had that I really liked, but didn’t have a place for it and made my little desk nook a place that would inspire me to do my best work.

In an earlier post about organizing makeup brushes I mentioned the $1 section at Target. This is a great place to start for color variation when it comes to organization. They have all kinds of little buckets and bins and boxes to hold all kinds of items. If you are going to go with color, you might want to change it according to the seasons or your mood, etc. so try finding affordable options so you can change it as many times as you like. You can even just change a few accent pieces throughout the year for a little change of pace.

I really hope this was helpful and inspires you to start a little project around the house. Your house should be  a place where you are comfortable and relaxed and proud of and most importantly it should be your HOME. You don’t have to make it look like an art museum to be beautiful.

*Next week I will show you how I turned my living room from brown and boring to happy and homey 🙂 I may even include video so you can get a real 3D look at it.

XO Alexa


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