*How to dress for a fall wedding*

Fall is soon to be here and I already have plans to attend a few weddings, but that can be tough. Do you wear a jacket, pants, long dress, short dress? What about colors? Can you still wear bright colors? I am going to help you pick out the perfect outfit for any fall wedding and you won’t even need to go shopping!

Depending on the weather and where the wedding will be located will determine exactly what you wear. Here I am going to give you some inspiration that you can take from and tweak it to make it your own 🙂

If you want to go more neutral:

It’s okay to go a little more edgy when you are wearing very earthy, neutral tones. The colors themselves are not going to be attracting a lot of attention so if you feel comfortablem go with a strapless maxi, some tight leather, or a short dress! These are going to be more of your basic outfits where you take basic dresses, pants, tops, etc. and layer them accordingly to make the perfect outfit fit the occasion. Take a neutral dress (could be for the office or just a dress you have around) and snazz it up with a burgandy scarf or a big chunky moss green and gold necklace. This is going to amp up the outfit without really doing anything. Take a pair of khaki trousers and add a leopard belt and a button up sheer blouse. Instant makeover! Maxi dresses speak for themselves. All you need for these beauties are some heels and light accent accessories.

If you want to go for more color:

One of my favorite things about fall is the richness of the colors so don’t be afraid to wear deep hues. This is the perfect time to do so. I love all of the burgandy’s and deep moss greens and those would make for such beautiful wedding photos. The point for this look is you want to play into the season and really make your outfit a statement piece that is going to represent the fall. Take a printed dress that you never would have imagined wearing to a wedding and tone it down with a neutral shawl/scarf. Take a bold pair of trouser pants you got for Christmas 2 years ago that you would never be caught dead in and add a simple white button up blouse and some gold bangles and nude heels. The options are out there and you just have to look for those perfect pieces to bring together for a wonderful fall outfit.

I hope this was helpful and if you have any questions, please comment below 🙂

XO Alexa



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