Fav of the Day! 8/21/12

Happy Tuesday again! I have a favorite I would love to share with you today:

Maybelline Color Show nail polish in “Born with it.” This is a very sheer baby pink color and I absolutely love it, not just because of the color, but because of the actual product. These nail polishes are absolutely amazing. I am a picker. Yes, I am one of those people who will sit for hours and pick at everything, one of the main things being nail polish. I can’t wear a new nail polish for more than 3 days and I have been wearing this polish for over a week. It doesn’t chip, it doesn’t crack, and I can’t peel it! This is so amazing and such great news for me because I hate when nail polishes peel really easily because I can’t stop myself from picking at it!!


Anyways, this nail polish is amazing and I love it so much and I am definitely going to go get more shades. Another great thing is the fact that it was only $2.97! Hello! That is a super steal 🙂

XO Alexa


3 thoughts on “Fav of the Day! 8/21/12

  1. Great color Alexa! Your mom gave me your website info to check out. Although I am an older woman I really am enjoying your beauty tips and how you are presenting them. I was one of your dad’s clients and miss him dearly. I think he would be so proud of you! Continued success and congrats on your one year anniversary. Marty (girl Marty). Lol

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