*Fall 2012 makeup trends*

Fall is almost here and I am so excited for all of the really neat makeup trends that are already in magazines and on runway. Here are some of my favorite:

Strong liner: Thick, bold eyeliner is definitely a must this fall and this was definitely a must for the September issue of Vogue China. Lisa Eldridge, a celebrity makeup artist, create a thick, black winged liner on the top last line and then mimicked the line underneath on the bottom of the eye about 1/4 inch below the bottom lash line.

Bold lips: Deep burgandy’s and royal purples are going to take the stage this fall and I am so excited. Summer brought pinks and nudes and orange, but now the rich tones of autumn are going to be covering the lips of every model this season.

Bold statement brows: I love bold brows and this fall, they are coming out! Having a great set of brows can really help frame your face and in the fall months, try not to overdo your makeup. Let your brows do the talking.

Bright, yet smokey eyes: The smokey eye is always a favorite and this fall it is taking a new turn. Bright colors like green and blue and purple are going to be in, but layer these colors on top of a charcoal grey or black for a perfect smokey look.

It seems like the reoccurring trend here is BOLD. I am so excited for this fall and I can’t want to whip out my bold purple lips 🙂

XO Alexa


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