Fav of the Day! 8/10/12

Happy Friday!!! I am so glad the weekend is here because this week has been such a busy one. I have a really fun favorite today and it has nothing to do with beauty or fashion:


Tufted headboards! I now this is very random for my blog, but I am so obsessed with these headboards. I have always liked dark wood furniture, but for some reason, I am so in love with these!


There are so many different styles and colors and these are definitely part of the “shabby chic” trend. I think these headboards go great with any bedroom furniture: dark, light, wood, metal, etc.

This is the headboard I have in my bedroom and I think it makes the room look so much bigger and brighter and relaxing. I got mine on Amazon, but there are so many places that sell these (ebay, etsy, target, pier 1) depending on your price range. And props to you if you can make one! If I could, I would have. I think these headboards can get a little girly and I was a little worried because of my husband, but I think it looks romantic now that it’s in the room and it brings a softer side to our bedroom.


These can also be more dramatic with different color variations. I think this one would be so pretty in a girl’s bedroom and it adds a touch of pink without getting too overwhelming. I am not a huge pink person, but I would totally rock this headboard if I was single (Chris wouldn’t appreciate it).

I hope you liked my favorite today and I am sorry it isn’t beauty or fashion related, but I thought it would be fun kick-starter to the weekend! I will talk to y’all soon!!

XO Alexa



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