Fav of the Day! 8/8/12

Happy Thursday everyone! The weekend is right at our fingertips so don’t give up now. So finish the work week strong and enjoy this simple favorite of the day šŸ™‚


Jumpers! I know this is nothing new, but the reason I am loving them so much right now is how versatile they are, which means they are going to transition beautifully into the fall. Adding the right accessories and makeup are going to determine the look for your jumper outfit. I love how this outfit is styled: sock bun, cat eye shades, belted waste, and bright red pumps. This is so chic and very polished. Who knew jumpers could be so sophisticated?!


I love the way Kim is wearing her jumper. It is very simple, but she glams it up with a chunky statement necklace. I’m not in love with her YSL shoes, but they definitely edge up her oufit.


I think this jumper on Aurdrina looks absolutely stunning and this is definitely a sexier alternative. She gives shape to the trouser jumper with a chunky belt at the waste, but is low slung, giving it a more casual look.

I picked jumpers that are darker and richer colors because I think these are a good way to finish out the summer and transition into the fall.

Here is how I would style my jumper:

This is definitely a dressier and edgier version, but I think the simple jumper allows for more freedom with accessories and makeup. I chose a simple, black jumper that is cinched at the waist to give it more shape. I went with bold statement earrings and a chunky necklace, but the necklace is very dark so it doesn’t overwhelm the outfit. I chose a really chunky bracelet/watch and nude heals to really lengthen the jumper. I wanted to play up the makeup so I chose super bold eyelashes (to go with the geometric theme of the earrings) and a bright cream Kevin Aucoin blush to match the pink crossbody bag. For hair, I think out of the face and simple is better. I chose a ballerina bun with a Audrey Hepburn vibe to make the outfit more polished and lady like.

I hope you enjoyed this favorite and I got tagged by Samantha Schuerman on YoutubeĀ to do the $20 makeup challenge so I will be posting a video of that soon!

XO Alexa




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