How to: pack your travel makeup bag

I am lucky enough to be going on a little weekend getaway this weekend and I wanted to share with you how I pack my makeup products. I think this is the easiest and most efficient way to do it without sacrificing your favorite products.

Here is all of the makeup I will be taking. As you can see, I am packing quite a few makeup products, but I went with a lot of basics:

  1. Simple facial cleansing cloths (I didn’t want to take my coconut oil b/c it’s too big and these are great for after the pool/ocean to help keep your skin clean)
  2. primer
  3. foundation
  4. concealer and dark circle roller
  5. pressed powder
  6. bronzer
  7. 2 blushes: 1 for day and 1 for night
  8. eye primer
  9. Revlon cream blush palette
  10. 2 Maybelline color tattoo’s: “bad to the bronze” and “bold gold”
  11. 2 Revlon kissable stain balms: “smitten” and “rendezvous”
  12. a nude lip gloss
  13. eyelash curler
  14. waterproof mascara
  15. liquid liner and 2 pencil liners
  16. eyebrow kit
  17. 6 brushes

This is my empty train case by Sonia Kashuk. I got this at Target on sale for $8 2 days ago. I checked the Target website and it isn’t available, but I will link some alternatives here:

Here I have packed all of my liquids into a small clear bag just in case they leak (foundation, concealer, primers)

I have stored all of my brushes in this pouch at the top of the bag. The clear flap will keep all of my brush hairs neat. If you don’t have this in your bag, wrap all of your brushes together with a rubberband and store in a plastic bag, air tight.

I have also separated all of my eye liners and mascara because these are very black and I don’t want them marking the inside of my bag or getting on any other products.

This is my completed makeup bag and everything fit! It is all about using the most space in the most efficient way.

*Quick tip: if you do bring wipes, store them at the bottom of your makeup bag air tight and upside down so the juices all flow to the top. If you want to take extra precaution, put them in a zip lock bag just in case they leak.

I really hope you enjoyed this and let me know if you like these kind of posts. I have some great ideas for packing work bags, luggage, and shower products.

XO Alexa


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