*How to dress for a summer wedding*


Finding the perfect outfit for a wedding can be tough: What colors should I wear? What colors am I allowed to wear? How formal should I dress? Can I wear pants?

These are all pretty tough questions to answer, especially on such an emotional day for your friend/relative/etc.

I have some tips on how to dress that are sure to be appropriate for the special day!

Summer is about color so I would definitely stay away from black and grey. Now, color doesn’t mean neon pinks and bright tangerine. I would go with soft shades like pastels: mint green, coral pink, baby blue, etc. These are going to compliment the bride’s colors as well as look great in the sunlight of an outdoor wedding, under the dim lights of a church, and the disco ball at the reception.

It is also okay to go shorter for a summer wedding. That doesn’t mean mini skirt, but fingertip length is definitely appropriate. I think anywhere between fingertip and tea length is the way to go.

Here are some of my dress ideas for solid shades:

Prints have been such a hit this summer so I would definitely try print if you’re up for it. Here are some of my suggestions:

Print doesn’t have to be wild and bold. I love these dresses because they are soft and delicate and very feminine, which I think is great for a wedding. A lot of weddings during the summer are outdoors so these prints are going to look exceptional against the backdrop of a gorgous day outside.

Prefer not to wear a dress? Here are some ideas for pants that won’t look like you just came from a business meeting:

Any of these pants would go great with a white blouse. I love the peplum top and I think it is super girly and sophisticated, yet it has that easy-breezy summer look that you can feel comfortable in.

To sum it up, my rule of thumb for any wedding outfit is if you wouldn’t wear it in front of your grandmother, then don’t wear it. The impression you are trying to make is respectful and classy. Unless this is a themed wedding where everyone is supposed to dress up as a pixar character, you want to look polished. This is a special day and you are not only there to support and share a great memory, but you are also an aesthetic (sounds weird, right?) so do your best to enhance the scenery!

*I will do a post like this one for all of the seasons so you know exactly what to wear all year ’round!

XO Alexa


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