Fav of the Day! 8/1/12

It is officially August, which means back to school for some, end of summer vacation for others, and another hectic month for the majority of us 😉 Well, I have a great favorite today it is perfect for this month as the summer winds down and fall approaches.


Head scarves! I think these are such a fun way to keep you hair out of your face without resorting to a ponytail or a bun. I absolutely love how versatile they are and you can wear them no matter what hair style, cut, color, etc. you have.

My favorite is the bun wrapped head scarf. This is so simple and easy and it looks so amazing. It reminds me of Lucy Ricardo, which may be the reason why I love it so much 🙂


I also love the colorfulness of the scarves. You can add the perfect pop of color with a bright pink one or a floral print. I think these are perfect for days when you just don’t want to do your hair, but you want it to look you did.

*To get the look above, take a square shaped scarf and fold into a triangle. Fold 1 inch folds from the base of the triangle to the tip until you have a long piece of fabric. Wrap the scarf at the base of your head (back of your neck) upwards to the top of your head and switch the ends of the scarves so that they are going back under your head on the opposite side. Tie at the back of your neck and tuck in any extra fabric.

For a more polished look at the office, choose a thinner “scarf” (piece of fabric) with some silver or pearls and wrap it around a ballerina bun or around your head with a ponytail. This is going to turn your plain jane bun or ponytail into a glamorous up-do.


I hope you enjoyed this favorite and I am going shopping with my sister today so I will have a HAUL up soon!

XO Alexa


One thought on “Fav of the Day! 8/1/12

  1. These are way better than my generic headband to my forehead look on my To the max post last week. Thanks for the inspiration!!!!

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