3 chic outfits for the working woman

The fall is fast approaching and with that comes school, new jobs, and a new working wardrobe. I have put together three outifts that I think are going to MAKE your interview and have the office turning heads.

The avid journalist

This is by far my favorite for obvious reasons. She looks both professional as well as very feminine. It is really important to set a great first impression with her interviewees so goes with the basics: black and white with subtle pops of color. She wears pants because you never know when there will be a breaking story and she may to need to sit stand, kneel, etc. She always has to be prepared. She wears a sheer black sleevless blouse with silver beaded detailing on the collar. She also brings along a white blazer to really polish off the look while in the office. She still has to be taken seriously by her male co-workers 😉 Her briefcase is a simple, yet chic Balenciaga filled with a journal, pens, and a recoreder for interviews. She has glasses for when she is diligently tapping at the keys on her laptop 10 minutes before deadline, working furiously to get the front page newsstory ready for the online break. She wears color with a pair of minty earrings and a coral lip. These are going to draw attention to the face. She has to be taken seriously and paid attention to. To finish off the look, she ties her hair in a ballerina bun to keep her hair from her face. It’s important to be clean, concise, and ready to work!

The L.A. fashionista

This working girl is glamorous, fashion forward, and an all-around style guru. She is a creative director for Vogue at the L.A. offices and although her outfit is bright and colorful, she means business. She wears a light mint green dress complete with a statement necklace and white fitted blazer for a more polished look. She has her nude colored briefcase complete with iPad and iPhone to stay on top of her meetings, lunches with glitzy socialites, and date nights with her girlfriends. Her black nails mean she’s got claws and she’s not afraid to use them, but she wears a glossy pink smile to show she is welcoming to those who are in her “crowd.” This is Diane Von Ferstenberg’s right hand woman and she is ready to take the fashion world by storm!

The off-hours surgeon

This doctor is definitely not wearing scrubs all day. She is sleek, polished, professional, and everyone hates her for it. I chose a very “lady-like” look with a smooth pencil skirt and peplum top complete with traditional black pumps. She wears this on her days when she has meetings, intereviews, and isn’t performing open heart surgery. She has her leather briefcase with her planner to keep all of her surgeries in line and her blackberry, ready at any moment when on call to save someone’s life. She wears minimal makeup because with a job like hers and  skills like that, she doesn’t need a mask to hide behind. This doctor may not have you on her operating table, but she is definitely pulling at your heart strings.

XO Alexa


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