How to stay melt-free this summer

With the sweltering heat and pool/beach side time, your makeup doesn’t stand a chance of survival. I have some great tips and tricks to help keep your skin looking flawless from morning until night!

  1. Moisturize: Always moisturize before putting any makeup on. Even if it is a little bit of concealer or some blush, a good moisturizer is going to keep your skin hydrated and look fresh all day long. I would also suggest a moisturizer with an SPF.
  2. Primer: If you are going to be wearing a full face, I would definitely wear a face primer. This is not only going to even out the surface of your skin, but also give your makeup something to hold on to throughout the day. Try a primer with a pink to help your skin look even more radiant.
  3. Foundation: If you are going to be wearing a foundation, mix it with your moisturizer. This is going to give you more coverage than a tinted moisturizer as well as help keep your skin looking fresh and healthy all day. I find that when I mix the two, it applies better to my face and allows for my skin to show through more, giving me a more natural look without really being “naural” 😉
  4. Creams: From cream blushes to cream bronzers and even cream eye shadows, these are going to last longer than powders. They will also give you more of a dewy look that is perfect for the summer. If you don’t have a cream blush or bronzer, try a lip stick or lip stain in the appropriate shade as an alternative. Just sweep it across your cheeks and blend!
  5. Mascara: Definitely go for a waterproof mascara. Even if you aren’t going to be by the water, your sweat will do the same amount of damage. If you don’t want to wear a heavy mascara, but want some volume or length, try a clear mascara. This way you don’t have to worry about smudges and you still get nice bright lashes while still looking like you have nothing on.
  6. LESS IS MORE: During the summer, it’s okay to let loose a little and go “au naturale.” The less makeup you have on, the better you are going to look and feel. So show off those unruly curls and lets those freckles make an appearance. Summertime is the best time to get a little wild 🙂

XO Alexa


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