*DIY self-tanner*


This summer it is all about the GLOW. Even if you’re not out in the sun, you need to look like you have been.

This can be pretty tricky…what kind of products should I use? What color should I use? What products are right for my skin type? Should I do it home or go to a salon?  How much should I spend?

These are the questions that I asked myself all of the time because I LOVE being tan all the time (even in the winter), but for me, the hardest thing was the money. If I was going to be tanning all of the time, I would be spending a lot of money.

I love St. Tropex bronzing mousse. I think this is the best self-tanner out there. It is pricey ($40), but I think it gives the best application and it looks the most natural.

Well, I have found the solution to all of your tanning problems! Well, maybe not, but I definitely found the answer to mine and I am so excited to share it with you. This is an easy, affordable way to make your own tanner at home with only a few ingredients!

What you will need:

  1. Bronzer (powder): This can be any shade depending on your skin tone and how dark you want your tan to be. You can also decide whether or not you want a little shimmer or a matte finish. If you don’t want to use a bronzer or you don’t have one, use a brown eyeshadow in the desirable shade. Remember, this is an affordable alternative to self-tanners at the store so I wouldn’t use your favorite NARS laguna bronzer. Try sticking to products you already have at home or an affordable one like NYC bronzer in “Sunny” (only $3).
  2. Lotion/sunscreen: Depending on where you are going, you will need either a lotion or sunscreen. If you are going for a night out and you just want a little color on your arms and legs, I would suggest a lotion. Also, if there is a specific smell that you want from a lotion, choose that. If you are going to be outside at the beach or at a barbecue, etc., you are going to need a sunscreen with a higher SPF.
  3. Bowl
  4. Knife
  5. Spoon

How to:

  1. De-pot your bronzer. This means, remove all of the powder from the pan of the bronzer with a knife. There isn’t a “right” way to do this, so just get out as much as you can and empty it into your bowl.
  2. Put as much lotion/sunscreen into the bowl as there is bronzer (1:1 ratio).
  3. Mix the lotion/sunscreen and bronzer powder together until really smooth and there isn’t any dry powder left. Using a spoon, press the ingredients together on the side of the bowl (like you would mix cake batter) to get rid of any bubbles or pockets of powder.
  4. Apply! Put where you need it and this is definitely buildable. You can put on as many layers to reach the right shade for you.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY and let me know how it works for you 🙂 Happy glowing!

XO Alexa



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