Fav of the Day! 7/20/12

Happy Friday!! I am so glad the weekend is right at my fingertips and I have an awesome favorite today:

This is the Maybelline Color Tattoo in the shade “”Too Cool.” The reason I love this eye shadow so much is because it is so versatile and can be used for many other purposes. I love this as an all over lid color, but I also love it as a:

  • Brow bone highlight: Using my finger, I place a small amount of this on my brow bone right beneath my eyebrow to bring light to this area. It makes the eyebrows appear more defined as well as attracting light to the portion of the eye that naturally hits light first
  • Inner corner highlight: I love putting this color right in the inner corner of my eye (skin around tear duct) to make my eyes seem more open and bright. It gives the illusion that you are more awake and draws light into this area
  • Nose: With my finger, I apply a small amount down the center of my nose, creating the illusion it is more elongated. I also bronze the sides of my nose to create this effect as well.
  • Cupid’s bow highlight: I apply a small amount on the top of my lip just below my nose. This is going to make your lips look more fuller by attracting light to this area and making your lips stand out
  • Lips: I apply a small amount in the center of my bottom lip to also make my lips look bigger. This is where the light naturally hits your lips and gives the illusion that there is depth and contrast. You don’t need collagen injections! All you need is some shimmer!
  • Cheekbone highlight: This is my favorite way to use this cream shadow. I put a small amount, using my finger, on the highest point of my cheek bone to bring more light to this area and create the illusion that my cheekbones are more prominent and stand out more. The more outward a facial feature is, the more light it is going to attract. Just like the brow bone, this is a great place on your face to make more pronounced. After you have put on your blush and bronzer (you do not have to have these), apply a small amount right over the top of your blush and blend it outwards towards the outer part of your eye. Paired with your bronzer, this is going to give your face more dimension. You don’t want your face to be all one color and flat. It should look three-dimensional like it is naturally. That is the point of highlighting these areas: to make your skin more radiant and natural.

This is a better visual of how to highlight and contour your face. If you would like a tutorial on how to do this, let me know!

I hope this was helpful and if you do have a light, shimmery cream shadow (doesn’t have to be from Maybelline), try this out! Also, if you have a cream shadow in a coral, pink, peach, red, etc. shade, try and use it as a blush. Creams are going to last longer in the heat 🙂

XO Alexa


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