*Drugstore dupes for high-end makeup*

Last week I said I would be revealing some drugstore dupes (versions) of very popular high-end makeup products and here it is!

I can’t spend a lot of money on my beauty products because I go through them so fast and I like to try a bunch of different products. Unless there is a product that I just absolutely love and I can’t find any dupes for, I usually go for only drugstore brands.

That is why I am writing about dupes. I think it’s important to look at all brands and see what they have to offer. I have found quite a few dupes that are going to save you a lot of money.

1. NARS laguna and orgasm blush/bronze duo ($40)

I absolutely love this blush and bronzer. They are the perfect colors and this duo is extremely popular.

My dupe is…

E.L.F blush and bronzer duo ($3)

These products are so incredibly similar. Even though the elf product looks lighter in the photo, it is not that way in real life. I am so excited I found this!

2. Makeup Forever HD powder ($32)

My dupe is…

E.L.F. High definition powder ($6)

This powder is used to set your liquid foundation and give you a more flawless, “HD” look. The powder is white, but when it sets onto your face, it is translucent.

3. MAC matte lipstick in “Taupe” ($14.50)

My dupe is…

Revlon Colorstay liquid lipstick “Nude” ($8.54)

Although the price doesn’t vary much, I find that the Revlon lipstick is a much better product. It lasts ALL day. I am not kidding. This is the best long lasting lipstick I have found. It comes out of the tube like a gloss, but it dries on your lips after about 30 seconds.

*if you are looking for a no-fail red lipstick try this liquid lipstick in “Top tomato”

4. MAC paint pots ($18 each)

My dupe is…

Maybelline 24 hour color tattoo eye shadows ($6.99)

These are the best cream eye shadows (as you probably know) and they are so affordable for the quality of the product. I also think there are more of these than the MAC paint pots as well, which is great for a better color selection.

5. Bobbi Brown gel liner ($22)

My dupe is…

Maybelline eyes studio lasting drama gel eyeliner ($7.94)

Gel eye liners have such a short shelf life because they dry out quickly. The new Maybelline gel liners are incredible and I found that they don’t dry out as fast as my Bobbi Brown gel liner, which is great because it is so much more affordable!

6. Smashbox photo finish luminizing primer ($38)

My dupe is…

L’Oreal anti-dull skin primer ($12.99)

Although the drugstore dupe is still a little bit pricey, the product is amazing. I just bought this a few days ago and I love it. The pink in the primer cancels out any blue/grey tones in your skin, making your skin look more radiant and “luminizing.” The smashbox primer does the exact same thing. The smashbox primer does have a little more product (.4 oz more), but it is still a lot more expensive than the L’Oreal dupe 🙂

I really hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you have any dupes that you really like!

XO Alexa


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