Review: E.L.F. refillable compact palettes

So, yesterday I posted about some ELF palettes that I got at Target. I was curious to see if other de-potted eye shadows would also fit inside the palettes and they DO!!!

Here I have some elf eye shadows, but I also have a lot of MAC eye shadows and they fit perfectly.

This is so exciting because quad palettes can be a little pricey and the ELF palettes are only $1. I have a bunch of de-potted eye shadows that I had in my Z-palette and I wanted a way to organize them by theme (nudes, brights, cools, warms, etc.). I went to the MAC website to look at their quad palettes and they are $7, which adds up after you have a few. I think these palettes look nice, they are easy to store, and they are really slim. You can also label them (because they are white) depending on what eye shadows are in each quad. I also love the fact that they come with a mirror and a little brush, which the MAC ones do not. These are perfect for at home or on the go.

I think these palettes are so great if you want to organize your eye shadows, if you travel a lot, keep in your gym bag, or if you like to keep some eye shadows with you in your purse so you can touch up or do a day-to-night look after work.

You can buy these palettes online at or e.l.f. products are sold at Target.

XO Alexa


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