Fav of the Day! 7/18/12

Good morning! I hope everyone is having a great week! It’s hump day, which means your week is already halfway done!

This summer I love bows. I love bows on fingernail polish, bow rings, bows on shorts, etc., but I have never been a fan of wearing bows in my hair until now…

I think this is such a fun hair style and it definitely puts a new spin on “hair bows.” There are so many different styles too 🙂

I really like this one because it is a lot more tone down and it’s just that little extra something that gives you hair a little bit of girlishness. It doesn’t have to be an obvious bow, but just a subtle bow on the side of your bun or on top of your pony tail would be such a unique touch.

I saw Gaga rocking this hairstyle and I instantly knew I loved it! I think this is such a cute way to make your hair more fun and flirty and girly and don’t be afraid to play around with it. Like I said, you can make it really obvious and go all out, or just add a small, thin bow to a hairstyle you would normally wear just for a hint of glam.

Here is a tutorial on how to create this style and it is super simple!

I hope you enjoyed this favorite and I will talk to you later!

XO Alexa

Other bow ideas:


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