Fav of the Day! 7/17/12

Hello! I hope you are having a great week. It’s already Tuesday and according to recent studies, Tuesday is the most productive day of the week, so grab another cup of coffee and finish the day strong!

My favorite today is definitely nothing new, but it has definitely taken the spotlight in the fashion world and with a new spin!

BLUE JEAN SHORTS! I am loving all of the new styles and ways to wear these old favorites. From lace to studs to dye, these shorts are a summer staple.

I love how versatile they are, not only with the design, but also the way they are worn. I recently posted about Miley Cyrus’ high waisted shorts and I think these are so fun. Blue jean shorts can be worn with a funky belt, high waisted, loosely hanging on the hips, cuffed, frayed, etc. The combinations are endless. I wear blue jean shorts pretty much every where I go. They are really comfortable and go with everything.

It’s up to you how edgy you want them to be or how toned down. They are so versatile and a lot of the styles can be done at home.

This is a great tutorial from AndreasChoice on how to turn old jeans into rainbow cut offs šŸ™‚

If you’re not into the bright rainbow colors, just throw some bleach on a pair of cut offs and leave them in the sun. Throw them in the dryer to spice up the fray at the bottom and buy some studs at your local crafts store. Voila! You have a total glamorous pair of shorts with little to no cost.

Who knew something so simple and basic could be so stylish, but that is what is so great! You can take the most basic pair of jeans, shorts, jacket, shirt, etc. and turn it into a million dollar piece. The more unique and the more of your own flare it has, the better!

XO Alexa


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