style INSPIRED: Cameron Diaz

I saw this photo of Cameron Diaz and I love everything about it. From her cropped hair to her cropped pants, this is definitely street chic!

Here is take on her style:

I stayed pretty true to Cameron’s outfit. I did change the top from a white hoodie to a white flowy tank. I thought this would be more appropriate for a summer day look. I love the army green jacket she is wearing and I definitely wanted this to be the star of the show. I chose a jacket with studded detailing  on the collar and pockets. I also chose a pair of cropped pants,aviators, nude flat sandals and big black hobo bag to finish it off. Cameron does have a more red mouth so I chose a Clinique lip stain stick so the color isn’t too dramatic. It just gives a little bit of a pout because the rest of the look is pretty neutral and toned down.I think this is the perfect personification of a sunny day in L.A.!

I hope you liked this and I will talk to you later!

XO Alexa


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