Fav of the Day! 7/13/12

Thank goodness it’s Friday and it’s also FREAKY FRIDAY!

I saw this today and I had to make this my favorite. This would be great for a weekend DIY so you are ready for the stress on Monday. I am a coffee fanatic and I think this is such a great idea for home decor on a budget!

I know this isn’t a beauty item, but I absolute LOVE this!! Take any kind of vase, candle holder, etc. and fill it with coffee beans. The heat from the tea light is going to make your room, kitchen, living room smell like coffee! I love the smell of coffee when I first wake up. There is something about it that makes me feel at home and relaxed.

You can use any kind of container and I think the more unique they are, the better! Especially if they are all different. I am going to use old Slatkin & Co. candle’s that I have used up and use the glass container to fill with coffee beans. The containers are see-through so I think it will be cool to actually see the coffee beans through the glass. To get the wax out of a candle holder, freeze it over night and then it should break with a knife when you take it out the next day. Then all you have to do is wash it clean. You can also take unique mugs that you think would fit with the rest of the room decor or even baby food jars or small mason jars. This is such an easy and affordable way to set the ambiance, fill the air with the sweet aroma of your favorite coffee, and keep your spirits lifted throughout the day!

Let me know what you think and if you have any ideas similar to this 🙂

XO Alexa


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