Fav of the Day! (and how-to) 7/12/12

I absolutely love this hair style for the summer because it is easy (but doesn’t look that way) and looks amazing.

Fishtail braids! I think these are so unique and versatile. I love braiding my hair for the summer because I don’t like using heat on my hair when I am out in the sun a lot, it keeps my hair away from my face, and  it is so easy to do! (I will include a tutorial at the end)

Braided hair is fun and easy, but it gets boring and I think this is a great alternative. There are so many styles you can do as well, such as a braided bang, a high pony braid, a loose and relaxed braid (like above), or even just small braided pieces throughout your hair. This braid can be edgy (braid some metal through it), easy going (add a headscarf), super girly (add some ribbon or jewels), or plain (the braid itself is already so trendy).

I love the tribal look of this braid and it is super easy. After you have braided your hair, take the end of a comb and pull out pieces of the braid so they stick out all the way down. This look is great for layered hair. Make sure to add plenty of hairspray or hair putty so the pieces don’t wilt before and after you braid.

This is the perfect beach look because it keeps you hair out of your face and the salt water and ocean breeze are only going to enhance the quality of the braid. To get this look, take a section of hair on both sides of your head and twist them like a french braid (twist two subsections of hair and add pieces of hair as you go down). When you get to the back of your head, make the 2 sections that you have just twisted the two sections of your new braid. From there, fishtail the hair like normal.

To get this more relaxed and loose effect, braid your hair like normal and leave space at the end before securing with a band. Then, using your fingers, pull at the braid outwards (away from your head) to loosen the braid. The more messy and imperfect the braid, the better!

That is the great thing about this braid: there is no right way to do style it! The messier and unruly it is, the more amazing it is going to look. Just play around with it and don’t worry about how perfect it is. Every time you style it, it’s going to look different, which is why it is so great. You always have a new and unique way to do your hair! 🙂

So vamp up your boring ponytail with a braided bang or make your ballerina bun shine with a fishtail braid wrapped around the base. There are so many ways you can play with this braid and make your hair look even more interesting and unique!


Here is step-by-step tutorial on how to do a fishtail braid (there is a graphic at the end if you need more help)

Step 1:

It is best to have day-old hair or hair that is “dirty.” Clean hair is going to slip and will be harder to manage. If your hair is clean, add some hair spray or hair putty/wax to rough it up.

Step 2:

However you want to do this braid (one big braid in the back, a side braid, a braided bang, etc.), divide that ENTIRE portion of hair into two sections. I am going to label these section #1 and section #2.

Step 3:

From one of the sections of hair (#1 ), take a piece (it can be any size) from the outside of that section and cross it over to the other section of hair (#2). Merge this piece with that section (merge #1 with #2) so it is now a part of that section and pull tight (like you would tighten a pony tail)! This is so the braid doesn’t fall out.

Pulling hair over from outside of section #1 over to section #2 and pulling tight

Step 4:

From the second section of hair (#2), repeat the same step, taking a piece of hair from the outside of that section and crossing it over to the other section of hair (#1) Merge and pull tight!

Pulling hair from outside of section #2 over to section #1 and pulling tight

Repeat steps 1-4 until you have reached the length that you would like, If you want a looser braid, leave room at the end before tying it so that you can loosen the braid with your fingers afterwards.

End result of my fishtail braided bang!

The graphic below: The purple and green sections are the same as section #1 (purple) and section #2 (green).

I hope you liked this tutorial and post photos of any braided styles you try!

XO Alexa


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