*Add some fun to your bun!*

I love wearing my hair in top knots, ballerina buns, sloppy buns, you name it. If it has “bun” in it, I love it. After a while, they can get a little boring though and I like to change them up a little so that it’s not the same boring hairstyle everyday.

Here are some of my tips to glamifying your hair bun!

Animal prints:

I love playing around with different animal prints in my wardrobe so why not with my hair? Go to a fabric store and pick out some of your favorite prints and patterns in ribbons or fabrics and wrap up your bun in it!


When I wear my hair in a bun, I love to look super girly so I like to play around with pinks and satins and put a modern day ballerina spin on it. Here I am using a pink silk headband wrapped around my bun. Find some cute headbands around your house and use them in different ways!


I think metal is so cool because it juxtaposes the softness of a ballerina bun with a more edgy look. Here I have a metal headband from Forever 21, but you can use bracelets, necklaces, etc. to add some metal to your hair.

Hope you enjoyed and got some inspiration to try some new styles with your knots. I will talk to you later!



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