How to: deep clean your makeup brushes in 5 steps!

You are so excited because you are going on a fun lunch date with all of your girlfriends and you want to look extra glamorous. You sit at your vanity and reach for your go-to foundation brush that you love so much and use everyday. You know it is going to give you the most flawless finish and have you looking perfect even in the heat while you sit on the patio of your favorite local restaurant sipping on a cold strawberry lemonade while you gossip with the ladies. What you don’t know is all of the bacteria that has been thriving on your foundation brush has now been transferred to your face and the summer heat is only aiding in their survival on your skin đŸ˜¦

Today I am going to show you how to prevent this from happening and it is so simple and the products are all household items:) This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to clean your makeup brushes (ALL OF THEM) because this is such a necessary; however, often overlooked step in your beauty routine.


  1. dirty brushes
  2. wash cloth
  3. olive oil or vegetable oil
  4. paper towels
  5. shampoo (baby shampoo preferable)
  6. easily accessible sink

Step 1:

Lay out all of your dirty makeup brushes on a washcloth so that none of them are overlapping and you can have a clear visual at what your are working with.

Here I have brushes ranging from eyeshadow brushes to blush and bronzer brushes to my favorite foundation brushes.

Step 2:

Start with one brush at a time. Pour about a teaspoon of the olive/veggie oil into a paper towel and swirl your the hairs of your first brush in the oil on the paper towel. The oil is going to separate the pigments from the brush hairs.

Keep swirling in a circular motion until all of the pigment has been transferred onto the paper towel.

Blush brush

Continue this step for all of the brushes. Do not use the same paper towel for each brush because this could cause contamination.

Foundation brush

Step 3:

Rinse off all of your brushes in a sink, making sure not to get water past the metal part of the brush because this could cause rusting later.

Step 4:

After all of the brushes have been cleansed with the oil and rinsed, the oil needs to be removed from the brush hairs. Into your hand, put a teaspoon amount of shampoo and swirl the brushes in a circular motion (one at a time) into the shampoo as you did before with the oil. Just like the oils in your hair, the shampoo is going to remove the oils from the brush hairs.

Stipling brush

Repeat this step until all of your brushes are clean.

Step 5:

As before, rinse all of your brushes, removing all traces of shampoo. Set them aside on a washcloth/towel and make sure all of the brush hairs are facing the right way. Allow your brushes to air dry. Do not blow dry because this will cause the hairs to move around and the heat could damage the hairs. (Think about the brush hairs being similar to your hair. Heat can damage)

Now all of your brushes should be nice and clean and ready to use once they are dry. This kind of cleaning should be done every week to 2 weeks. This is not a daily cleaning. Just like you shouldn’t shampoo your hair on a daily basis, you shouldn’t do deep cleaning for your brushes every day.

Spot cleaning is a daily cleaning that can be done. This involves an actual makeup brush cleaner or even a rinse in water just so the product doesn’t stick to the brush over a long period of time.

I hope this helps with your brush cleaning needs and I will talk to you later!



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