Fave of the day! 7/9/12

I know I missed yesterday’s post and for that I am sorry 😦 I had a lot going on yesterday, but I have a great favorite for today:

Cut-outs! I love this new and trendy style and I think it is super sexy. It gives a hint of skin without being too overbearing and inappropriate. It can be a cut-out sleeve, back, side, etc. and I think they are so great for the summer time. I love the dresses because they can be worn with a fitted blazer during the work day and can be transformed into a super sexy night out dress by themselves with a great heel and chunky jewelry.

Depending on your work environment and dress code, I think these are a great alternative to the boring day-to-day blouses. Showing a little bit of back or arm screams confidence, which I think is so important in the office. This doesn’t mean that showing some skin is the only way to show confidence, but it definitely shows that you are not afraid to be bold and try something a little edgy.

This is by far my favorite style I have seen. This is such a structured top in the most beautiful teal blue and I find the structured style of this blouse makes it both chic as well as sexy, a wonderful combination. The word “cut-out” can be daunting, but I think that paired with the right accessories and accents, this is such a great way to flaunt your best attributes!

I hope this style inspires you to be brave and show a little skin πŸ™‚ Even if it’s a little back or a peep of your side, don’t be afraid to try something different!




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