Fave of the Day! 7/5/12

So, this is definitely a seasonal favorite, not just a daily favorite:

Matte shades! I love solid, opaque, rich nail colors for the summer. I usually go for more glitter and sparkle because that is what reminds me of summertime, but there is something so elegant, yet fun about a rich, solid nail shade.

Not only do I like matte nail colors, but matte anything! I love matte lipsticks, matte blushes, and matte bronzers for the summer. I like to highlight my face with a little bit of shimmer, but for everything else, I like solid shades.

I think without the shimmer and the glitter, the colors are more true and bold. Especially matte lips. I love how bright and pigmented of a color you can get without the glisten. I think this is so beautiful for a summer look and can really make your outfit stand out. I love the richness of a matte lip color too. I think it makes my lips look more full even without any dimension. Lip liners are a great way to get that perfect matte finish because they don’t have shimmer and they are more dry than a lipstick. My recommendation: put on a lip primer or a tiny amount of clear lip balm before applying the lip liner so it will apply more easily.

Now I challenge you to go out there and find that shade that you have been wanting to try (neons are great) and don’t hide behind the gloss or the shimmer. Be bold!


Ideas for matte shades:

  • Revlon colorstay ultimate liquid lipsticks
  • Loreal infallible never fail lipliner (use all over lips as a lipstick)
  • NARS matte lipsticks
  • Physicians formula bronze booster bronzer
  •  elf blush: pink passion
  • maybelline color tattoo eye shadow: tough as taupe

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