*5 must-have summer nail shades*

I love adding color not only to my wardrobe and my makeup, but also to my nails. Here are my top 5 nail shades of the summer!

1. Revlon: “Minted”

Mint is obviously one of my favorite colors this summer. I love it in my clothes, shoes, makeup, and especially my nails. Read my post about how I mix coral and mint together: link to coral/mint nails

2. Orly: “Rage”

Rose gold has made such a big scene in jewelry with the famous Michael Kors watch that everyone is wearing it seems like. That is why I love this color. It is a beautiful rose gold shade and makes your nails appear to be an accessory item.

3. NYC: “Times Square Tangerine”

I love tangerine and orange and corals this summer… enough said 🙂

4. Sally Hansen: “Cherry Red”

This is a cool color because it isn’t an apple red. It has a blue undertone that makes it look almost like a hot pink.

5. NYC: “Taxi Yellow”

Yellow is definitely a staple summer color and looks great with everything. Yellow also brings about a better mood and happier thoughts so throw on some yellow and get happy!

Let me know of any other shades you are loving this summer!!!



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