Weekend Favorites 6/30/12

Happy Saturday everyone! What do you have planned for this wonderful weekend? Well, here are some of my weekend favorites   I wanted to share with you 🙂 Enjoy!

I love being comfortable on the weekends. It’s a time to relax (relatively speaking), hang out with friends, get stuff done around the house, maybe even go on a date or two 😉 But just because I want to be comfortable, doesn’t mean I can’t be cute at the same time. I think the weekend is the perfect time for maxi dresses. They are fun, flirty, girly, and super comfortable.

I love this dress because it has shape, but it still gives you the freedom to let loose a little. The cinched waste gives yourself a waste and v-neck makes this dress even more sexy and feminine. I also love the fact that this can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on the occasion. For a day out with the girls on Saturday, you can add a a simple chain around your neck with some gold or silver bangles, big hoop earrings, a pair of wedges and a thin leather belt around the waste. If you have dinner plans Saturday night, add a really chunky beaded necklace for elegance. Really glam up the accessories. A sparkly clutch and a fitted creme blazer will make the dress even more classy.







Another weekend favorite of mine are crafts. I love working on projects in my spare time, especially decor for my home. Try this antiqued mirror jar…

This is such a fun way to dress up old mason jars or plain vases around the house.

Check out this awesome blog to find out how to do this. It’s so much fun and super easy!

*Antiqued jars link








Another way I love to relax on the weekends is by having a spa night. I treat myself to a manicure and pedicure and it’s free! My nail polish tends to look pretty haggard by the end of the week so touching up my nails is definitely a must and I like to play with different colors and styles. I find that during the week when I am so stressed, something as simple as seeing pretty colors on my nails makes it a little better.

Try a bright neon yellow, like this one from Essie. I love super bold colors on my nails for the summer. There’s something about a super fun color that makes me smile 🙂










Last, but certainly not least, invite some friends over for a bonfire or a barbecue in the backyard.

There’s nothing more rewarding than surrounding yourself with people you love and care about. Throw everything on the fire from pineapple to bell peppers to a big juicy steak and enjoy the outdoors. Bring a cooler outside with your favorite bottled sodas (soda tastes so much better out of a bottle) and share your weekend with those closest to you!









I hope this weekend guide inspired you to make plans this weekend, either out on the town or right at home. Have a great weekend and I will be back Monday!




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