Favorites of the month: June!

Here are my favorite beauty, fashion, health products I have absolutely loved this month!!

1. Garnier curl scrunch:

I love this product because I have naturally wavy hair, but this product really accentuates the little curl that I do have. I also love the fact that my hair doesn’t get crunchy and stiff like other products I have tried in the past. It also has shea, which is a fat (oil) so it is extremely moisturizing and that is why it doesn’t get crunchy. There are different levels of this product and I used the ‘extra strong’ version, which is the second to highest level. I also love the way it smells. It has a fresh clean, citrus smell, which I find is so enjoyable for the summer. I guess the short version is: I am so impressed with this hair product!

2. ULTA Extreme Wear Matte Finish Mousse Foundation: Buff Beige

If you have read my post about foundations, then you already heard me rave about this product. I am so in love. I have yet to find a summer foundation that doesn’t make my skin oily, appear and feel cake-y, and gives me a medium coverage that doesn’t cover my freckles. I had never tried a mousse foundation before so I was a little skeptical, but I am so happy I tried it. It has a matte finish, which is great because I have more oily skin in the summer. It applies easily and a little bit goes a long way.

3. Milani Liquif’Eye metallic eyeliner pencil: 01 Black

This eyeliner is such a blessing. I never knew there were eyeliners this wonderful. I had always used Rimmel eyeliners and that was all I was used to. They were okay to apply, but they transferred into my crease as the day wore on and they weren’t a strong black color because they didn’t apply very well. This Milani eyeliner is like butter. It applies to my lash line just as if I had held a lighter to the tip. It is creamy and incredible pigmented, but it doesn’t come off or transfer onto my crease. I am so excited I found this amazing eyeliner.

4. Milani baked blush: 09 Red Vino

I had never tried Milani blushes until now. I have a bronzer that I absolutely love so I thought I would try a blush. This blush is so gorgeous. It is very pigmented and has the most beautiful gold shimmer and flecks that make it perfect for a summer glow. It is a little bit darker for the summer, but I love it for the evenings and nighttime when I like to wear a little more of a dramatic look. I also love how it comes with a mirror underneath the blush and a compartment for a brush so it is easy to take on the go.

5. Sonia Kashuk liquid blush: Poppy

I know I already have a blush for this month, but I have to mention this one. It is completely different than the Milani blush. It is a liquid and is dispensed through a pump, which I really like. I had tried L’OREAL’s mousse blush and I wasn’t too thrilled and that was the closest thing I had ever tried to a liquid blush. I absolutely love this product for the summer. I think liquid and creme blushes are perfect for the summer because they last longer and they give your face a more dewy look. This blush tends to be a little watery so I have to shake it up before I use it and it is thin, but I think that is why it works so well. It’s not overbearing and it is the perfect hint of coral on my cheeks.

6. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick: Siren

This is definitely one of my more bold finds. This lip stick is a bright coral orange color and it is beautiful. I was at Target and I saw it and I instantly had to pick it up. I wasn’t sure if the color would look good on my lips, but the shade was so tantalizing. It had me instantly hooked. When I put it on, I fell in love all over again. It is the perfect mix between a coral and a bright orange. This shade was meant for the summer.

7. Tumbler

I know this isn’t a beauty item, but this has definitely been a major June favorite. I take this with me everywhere I go and I fill with pretty much anything: iced coffee, tea, water, smoothies… and the list goes on. I love it because it is double walled so there’s not any condensation that forms around the cup. It also has a straw with a small ball at the bottom so the straw can’t come out of the cup unless you unscrew the cap. I got mine at TJ Maxx, but they are everywhere! I saw really cute Fourth of July ones at Walmart for $5 yesterday 🙂

8. Coconut Oil

This was also something that I have already raved about in another post. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product not only because it works so well, but also because it has different uses. I posted a blog about the coconut oil hair mask, which is so moisturizing and reviving for my dry hair. I am outside at the beach all the time now so my hair gets pretty nasty and the oil replenishes it with all of the hydration it needs. Coconut oil is also great for removing eye makeup. I have makeup remover wipes and they won’t take off my waterproof mascara, but the coco oil does! This is great too because when I put it on, it isn’t harsh on my skin and moisturizes my skin as well. I also use it as a lip balm. Anytime I am in the house (jar is too big to carry around in my purse lol), I will put a little dab on my lips and it feels so moisturizing. Are you getting the fact that this product is moisturizing? 😉 I also use it for areas of dry skin like my elbows, knees, and feet. All in all, this is one jam-packed amazing jar of awesomeness!



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