FAV of the DAY!! 6/28/12

I am posting a new “fav of the day” outfit, accessory, nail trend, celebrity, beauty product, etc. EVERYDAY!!! I will also suggest alternatives or help you re-create the look with different options. So check out my blog everyday for a fun and stylish new item!

Today’s FAV is…

I am absolutely in LOVE with this. The big, sparkly, chunky necklace looks great with a simple  tee and relaxed creme colored pants. The clutch accentuates the sparkles in the necklace adding more drama and glamor to this outfit. I love pairing bold statement pieces with more simple pieces. The key to this specific look is to glam up the accessories because the outfit itself is very toned down and boring on its own. My hair suggestion would be a top knot so that your hair is out of your face and it doesn’t “drag” the outfit down. Let the accessories do the talking!

Re-create this look:

  • Plain neutral crew neck t-shirt (fitted): I would stick to white or grey
  • A maxi skirt or some oversized trousers (neutral color as well, but a different color than the tee: black, tan, creme, etc.)
  • A bold necklace with lots of glam and sparkle.
  • The ‘boyfriend’ watch (I love men’s watches. They compliment this look so well because the tee and trousers are more masculine, but the necklace and clutch are sooo girly. Mixing gender pieces is amazing)
  • A really feminine clutch/purse that is going to draw attention. It can be sparkly like this one or it can just be a bright shade like coral.

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