Fourth of July outfit ideas <3

What better way to show off your patriotism for the big U.S.A than by wearing her colors?! Here I am going to show you how to mix and match red, white, and blue to create the perfect Independence day outfit for you!

Outfit #1

This is such a great way to show off some red as well as those legs! I love these acid wash red skinny jeans because they are so bold and you will definitely stand out. Pair these with a toned down white or cream colored top so that the jeans are the star of the show. I have chosen this lacy white razor back tank because it’s light, flowy, and super summery. This compliments the darker more “heavy” jeans. This would go great with a pair of heels to accentuate the length of the red jeans. This outfit is great for lounging around and hanging out with friends on the back of a truck. Add some feather earrings and wooden bangles and this outfit will be unstoppable.

Outfit #2

This outfit is perfect for running around and playing frisbee with your dog (if you have one). It’s cool, light and easy to move around in. I have chosen a pair of dark wash denim short shorts that have roping around the pockets to give it a more nautical feel. I then paired it with a lighter blue sheer tank top. The key to wearing two colors on top and bottom is to differentiate the shades of that color. This tank top has really great, edgy straps leading to a more open back šŸ™‚ Since the tank is so sheer, I put a lacy white bandeau underneath that compliments the darkness of the blues and adds some more of the American colors to the outfit. For shoes, try and stay more comfortable. I would try a pair of stylish sneakers (Converse, TOMS, Sperrys, etc.) Next, add some bold jewelery like a chunky burgundy necklace and gold bracelets. I chose burgundy because adding an apple red piece would be too much. Red and blue are primary colors so they can often times clash when next to each other. Try different shades of red, white, and blue to soften the look.

Outfit #3

This outfit is perfect for the girly girl. I absolutely love these colors together and they will look great with a big, bold pair of shades. Underneath the blazer is a white, strapless sundress that is cinched at the waste to give you more shape and curve. I love the sewn embellishments along the bottom because they make the outfit more feminine. I have paired the dress with a bright coral cotton blazer. I love that it is cotton because it will breathe and won’t get too hot.Ā  This is a great way to add a hint of red to your outfit without it being overbearing. I think the soft femininity of the dress and the more “masculine” shoulder-padded blazer are so beautiful together. A pair of sandals would look perfect for this outfit and here I have added a pair of turquoise sandals that compliment the bright coral. Add a big bulky watch and some dainty stud earrings and you will be good to go!

Outfit #4

This is definitely a more dressy option, but it is so much fun and flirty. This is perfect for an evening with friends and family, whether at a home or a restaurant. I love the dark red tank because it is such a rich piece. It is sheer at the top with a sweetheart neckline right at the chest. It is also pleated along the middle which adds texture as well as a little extra room for pie šŸ™‚ The bottom is my absolute favorite! The large, frayed flowers at the bottom are super flirty and fun. I love that this top is short too because it lets your show off your legs in a pair of black pixie pants (cropped pants). I think this outfit looks great with a pair of flats. It gives it that Lucy Ricardo vibe and I love it! Add some elegance with a white beaded necklace, diamond stud earrings and Tiffany’s bracelet (or something like it).

I hope all of these ideas will inspire you to show off your pride for our beautiful country. We are truly blessed to be living in such a wonderful place so don’t be afraid to be bold and make a statement! I know I will ā¤


Featured items:

  • Red acid wash skinny jeans:
  • White lace tank: TJ Maxx
  • Denim short shorts: Forever 21
  • Sheer blue tank: TJ Maxx
  • White strapless dress: Target
  • Coral blazer: TJ Maxx
  • Red tank: Forever 21
  • Black pixie pants: Forever 21

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