Comfy night out


This is a great way to look sexy while being extremely comfortable at the same time! My secret is leggings 🙂 I love putting really cute and dressy tops or funky jewelry and bold makeup with leggings because it really dresses them up. I have on a sheer beige top from TJ Maxx (only $10) with a chunky charcoal necklace, turquoise bracelet, a bright pink lip, chunky heels and of course, my leggings. These leggings are even better because they have zippers down the side which make them even more edgy. The key to dressing up leggings is statement pieces. Here I have chunky accessories and bright makeup. These draw more attention, leaving the rest of my outfit to be more tamed and not as noticeable. I think this is a great idea for a big night out when you know you are going to be late and the thought of wearing a skin tight dress or restricting jeans aren’t going to make for an enjoyable evening. I love the effortless, yet “done up” look this outfit creates. Then all you have to do is wrap your hair in a top knot and you’re good to go!



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