Mint & Coral: Colors of the beach

Mint and coral are major contenders for this summer’s “it” colors. I love these colors both seperately and together. They remind me of the soft green color of the ocean on shore and the hot, rich sand on the beach. I think they compliment each other beautifully and I decided to wear them on my nails. This can also be a great combination for eye makeup: coral pink/orange lids with a hint of gold in the center or in the crease with a soft mint green eyeliner right on top of the lower lashes. The boldness of the coral and softness of the mint are such great contrasts. Really, anything with contrast works well with eachother. For example, a sweet feminine summer dress with a bulky man’s watch or a striking pair of leather pants or leggings with a soft pastel pink top. I love mixing textures and styles and it works the same with colors. So try adding some ocean and sand to your look and see what looks you can create!

Alexa ❤

Featured items:

  • -Revlon nailpolish: Minted
  • -NYC nailpolish: Siren



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